If you cant turn over his circle of friends, you can really put it down

 If you cant turn over his circle of friends, you can really put it down

Therefore, there is a possibility that you can never forget that person, he will be in your memory like a shadow, occasionally in response to the situation, your mind will come up with his voice and face in the past.

And, may not have to forget, that is your life experience, although broken, but once beautiful.

The only thing we need to do is put it down.

Read, but dont touch, think, but dont try. First, from never looking at his circle of friends, just put him in the memory, like the montage at the end of the movie, to remember such a person vividly and vividly.

Of course, this is not easy, only experienced people know how hard it is to miss.

In 2013, I graduated from university and met the first love in my life.

He was engaged in art, which indirectly affected my later writing. Strictly speaking, I was a very autistic girl. When I was reading, I hardly made any close friends except for my studies. Therefore, he taught me most of the good life I knew.

Before I met him, I was a piece of white paper. He daubed and painted a beautiful painting on it. It was he who made me feel proud to be a girl. It was he who made me fall in love with my gender. It was he who guided me and opened the door to a new world.

Such people cant be forgotten.

I sent him countless wechat messages, and only once did he reply to me. He said, forget it, I met a girl who can give her life.

Although jealous, although painful, but I am grateful to him, he did not leave me a trace of hope, heartless sometimes is also a kind of deep feeling.

So he is a very good man. When we are together, he never cheated me. Im just unlucky.

After two years, is the deep pain and memory, there were boys chasing me, I also try to accept, but every time a heart, it will hurt.

There was a period of time, my mobile phone was almost always in my hand, I was holding it when I was sleeping, constantly brushing his circle of friends and Weibo, and I was looking forward to his reply to my message.

Unfortunately, I didnt wait for anything.

Later, I forced myself not to pay attention to him any more. Although I endured very hard, I did it.


Real put down, not forget, but can bear not to contact, and then began to live their own life.

Some love, destined to be used to miss, no matter how much you think about it, he left, is gone, from now on, no matter where, no matter.

He is not your white moon, you are not his cinnabar mole, but one day, you happened to meet him, he also happened to look at you, and then each other had a little good feeling.

There is no need to boast about the past life and the afterlife, it is the fate of water. When he got to the station, he got off the bus and then parted ways, no longer expected.

Thats it.

Time will take away all the sadness, bear to no longer pay attention to his any news, slowly, also accepted the fact that there is no him.

Many years later, when we look back, we only have the beautiful moment when we first met. All the things we cant put down are finally put down.

Miss the person, like a meteor across the sky, bearing your young tender feelings, and then disappear in the nine clouds.

Its also good for us to leave beauty in our eyes, engrave them in our hearts, and forget his fleeting moments.


If you can not meet, so you can not miss.

Peoples life is very long, there are many beautiful things waiting for us to meet, those from the feelings of injury, will eventually make us grow up.

At the end of a relationship, what we can do is to accept the fact and start a new life with a trace of regret and a little pain.

Nothing is more important than loving yourself.

Instead of looking at him sad, its better not to contact him again, never to pay attention to him, mercilessly heart, everything will be over.

When one day, I really put down in my heart, you will find that I have grown up a lot, after that, I will not be afraid of parting, and I will never cry for anyone for a whole night.

Our strong, are from the past weak, let go is our growing up process, to learn the first thing.

Author: Feng Xiaoyi

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