Investigation on two homicide cases in Daqing with three deaths and one serious injury

 Investigation on two homicide cases in Daqing with three deaths and one serious injury

It is understood that the suspect Jin is from Zhaozhou County, Daqing. He is about 1.72 meters tall, of medium height, with an inch head. His right leg is injured and he is lame in walking. Jin Mou Qi and his wife run a steamed bun shop in the crime area. After the crime, his wife has moved out of the community, Baozipu has been closed.

On June 18, the suspect committed a second crime. After killing Yuanyuan, a girl who was working at home on the 27th floor, she fell from the 26th floor from the outer wall to the back of the floor. Source of jigsaw / photos provided by interviewees

In the first case, Mr. Chu, the husband of Pan Mou Juan, the victim of the first case, told the upstream news reporter that his wife, pan Mou Juan, worked with others in a traditional Chinese medicine clinic in the small town community of England.

On the evening of June 16, pan, his partner Wu, pan and Pans 10-year-old son were all in the TCM clinic.

At about 11 oclock in the evening, Jin Mou Qi came to the TCM clinic to commit murder. The police told me that Jin Mou Qi turned in from the back window. According to the monitoring in the store, Jin Mou Qi stabbed my brother-in-law pan with a knife for more than 30 times. At that time, he was lying on the ground and did not move. My wife was stabbed a few times and leaned against the wall and died of bleeding My wife is 45 years old. Shes a big girl. We have a very good relationship, but suddenly we are separated from each other.

Mr. Chu told reporters that Jins baozi shop was only two buildings away from the traditional Chinese medicine clinic where the crime was committed. Our family and Jin have not had any festival. I dont know why he has such a cruel hand. Even my 10-year-old son has not let go.

Mr. Chus son also had more than a dozen knives in his body and witnessed the whole process of the crime. My son is not only physically hurt but also mentally tortured. He often has nightmares when he sleeps. Mr. Chu said.

It is reported that Jin escaped after staying in the TCM clinic where the case occurred for more than 40 minutes.

At the time of the crime, Pans partner Wu was not injured. After Jin escaped, Wu called the police.

Mr. Chu said that his wife could not die so unknowingly. He must seek an explanation for his wifes brother and sister and his seriously injured son.

At about 11:00 p.m. on June 16, the suspect Jin Mou Qi made a murder case. The first place of the murder was the traditional Chinese medicine clinic operated by the victim pan. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

A single woman was killed at home, and the suspect fell from a building for the third time

On June 17, Longfeng branch of Daqing Public Security Bureau issued a reward notice, saying that on June 16, a major criminal case occurred in Yinglun Town, Longfeng District, Daqing city. He was suspected of committing a major crime with Jin Xiaoqi, a resident of the community. After the crime, he fled and offered a reward of 20000 yuan to the wanted suspect Jin Xiaoqi.

At this time, the single woman Yuanyuan (pseudonym) living in the community is working at home according to the requirements of the unit due to the epidemic situation. Yuanyuan worked in Daqing Urban and Rural Planning Bureau. On the morning of 18th, Yuanyuan also sent a work summary to her colleague Shi on wechat. Since then, Yuanyuan is easy to lose contact. Police later speculated that Yuanyuan was killed between 12:00 and 14:00 on the same day.

Ms. Chai, Yuanyuans sister, said she ordered a takeaway on the day her sister was killed. At 11:40 p.m., the takeout boy came to Yuanyuans house to deliver the meal. It was a man who answered in the room. The delivery boy said that during the conversation with the man, it seemed that he heard a girl calling for help, but he could not hear clearly because he was wearing a helmet and a Bluetooth headset in his ear, so he left on his own.

On the evening of the 18th, Jin Mou Qi committed the crime for the third time on the 26th floor of the same building. According to Ms. Chai, police said Jin went out through the south window of Yuanyuans house on the 27th floor, climbed from the outside of the building to the 26th floor with bare hands, and entered the room through the North window of the 26th floor. Because the woman who lived on the 26th floor found out in time, she saved her life. In the process of escaping, Jin fell from a building and died.

After learning that someone fell from a building, the police came to the scene and found that the person who fell was the wanted suspect Jin Mou Qi. After the incident, the police speculated that after killing Yuanyuan, Jin was hiding in Yuanyuans house until the night when she wanted to commit a third crime.

On August 28, British small town property staff told reporters: Jin died at that time, and the follow-up was handled by the police, not very clear. The day after the crime, the woman living on the 26th floor had moved out of the community.

After talking with Yuanyuan at noon, her colleagues were unable to get in touch with her. Thinking of the murder case in Yuanyuans residential area, her colleagues contacted her family members and then called the police. Late that night, the police broke into the house and found that Yuanyuan had been killed at home.

The day after the first homicide, the police offered a reward of 20000 yuan for the arrest of Jin Mou Qi, the suspect. Photo source: Longfeng branch of Daqing Public Security Bureau

The murdered girl once said there was a homicide case in the community, and she did not know the suspect and had no dispute

Among her family and neighbors, Yuanyuan is young, beautiful and has a good job.

According to Chai, there are three brothers and sisters in the family, and Yuanyuan ranks the second. Because of the poor family conditions, Ms. Chai dropped out of school after primary school to help her parents farm the land for her sister to study. She graduated from Northeast Forestry University with a masters degree. After graduation, he worked in Daqing Urban and Rural Planning Bureau, belonging to the enterprise establishment.

Ms. Chai said that her sister and the suspect Jin Mou Qi did not know each other, and there was no dispute. The only intersection was that during the epidemic, Yuanyuan had ordered a meal at a steamed stuffed bun shop operated by Jin.

The day before Yuanyuans murder, Yuanyuan mentioned in a chat with her roommate and family that she was afraid of the murder in the same community on the 16th. The family once advised Yuanyuan to ask for leave to go back to her hometown for a rest and not to stay alone in the community. Yuanyuan declined her familys proposal.

Ms. Chai cried bitterly and said, it would be nice if she insisted on letting her come back. There is no access control card in the community, and there is no monitoring in the elevator. If we had known these hidden dangers, we would not have let her live in this community

The 45 year old victim Pans 10-year-old son was stabbed more than 10 times. Photo source / photos provided by interviewees

The family members have not received the autopsy report so far, and the suspects motive is a mystery

However, in the view of the family members, there are still many doubtful points in the case to be solved. Mr. Chu, the husband of Pan Mou Juan, the victim of the first case, said repeatedly: what is the motive of the murderer?

According to Mr. Chu, the police did not contact the family members immediately after the crime, and Mr. Chu didnt know the news until his wifes body was carried away. Mr. Chu said that all the information he got was reported by the police, but there were many unreasonable places and many details could not stand scrutiny. According to the police, Jin came to the clinic to rob, but Jin was not jobless. He ran a steamed stuffed bun shop, and the robbery was unreasonable. Jins baozi shop is two buildings away from the scene of the crime. Why does Jin go so far? And he stayed 40 minutes after the attack, but there was no sign of robbery in the store.

There are many cameras in Pans clinic and at the door. The video content has been taken away by the police after the crime. With all kinds of questions, Mr. Chu proposed to check the surveillance video, which was rejected by the police. The autopsy report of his wife, pan, and his brother, pan, has not been received by his family. In response to this, the police said Mr. Chu said that to check the relevant materials and evidence, you need to find a lawyer to apply to the court.

Ms. Chai, the sister of Yuanyuan, the victim of the second case, has the same doubts. When Ms. Chai saw her sister in the funeral home, Yuanyuans left face was beaten and her lips were bleeding. The police told Ms. Chai that her sister was strangled by the mobile phone data line, and the police did not know the reason for the suspects entry.

Ms. Chai yuans autopsy has not been reported for more than two months. MS Chai said the case was closed when police told her the killer was dead.

Ms. Chai was puzzled: my sister was killed. Dont my family have the right to know how she was killed? We dont know what happened to my sister. But now the police have not told us any details of the case.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Mr. Chu and Ms. Chai believe that the police are in breach of duty. Ms. Chai believes that the murder occurred in the community, the police learned that the suspect was hiding in the community, but did not remind the residents to pay attention to safety and strengthen the prevention, and finally her sister had an accident. According to a recording provided by Ms. Chai, she once talked to Director Fu of Longfeng branch of Daqing Public Security Bureau. The other party said that there was no dereliction of duty in the public security organ. If there is any opinion, it can be reflected. In addition, the house where Yuanyuan lives is a low-cost house provided by the unit as a dormitory, and her death time is home office. Therefore, Ms. Chai applied to Daqing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security for the identification of work-related injuries, but there is no result. On August 28, Daqing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security said it had accepted the case on July 21 and would give a reply within 60 working days. Upstream news reporter Zhang Ying source: upstream news editor: Wang MuQing_ NB12712

According to a recording provided by Ms. Chai, she once talked to Director Fu of Longfeng branch of Daqing Public Security Bureau. The other party said that there was no dereliction of duty in the public security organ. If there is any opinion, it can be reflected.

Upstream journalist Zhang Ying