Bulk sanitary napkin hot discussion! Today, there are still women who suffer from moyamoya pain with straw paper mats!

 Bulk sanitary napkin hot discussion! Today, there are still women who suffer from moyamoya pain with straw paper mats!

We have watched several news in succession these days. Although all of them are different from each other, they are closely related when we think about it carefully.

One thing is that there have been media reports that there have been long queues at the door of many luxury stores recently.

A large number of people lined up to buy luxury goods, feeling as if there were tens of thousands of luxury goods without money

Online is a school of songs and dances, all kinds of goods continue to promote sales, responders such as clouds, feel like the whole society has really entered a new level of consumption and level.

But is this really the case?

In an article published by Xinhua news agency, we saw such an amazing number:

In China now, there are 600 million people with a monthly disposable income of only 1000 yuan.

This is not alarmist, this is a bloody reality. This is a passage from Chinas statistical yearbook

It can be easily estimated that the lower middle-income group and the low-income group, which account for 40% of the total population of the country, are within the range of monthly income of about 1000 yuan, plus a small part of the low-income group in the middle-income group, the scale is just about 600 million yuan.

We dont know the proportion of men and women in this 600 million people. If it is about half, that is 300 million. What kind of life are these 300 million women living?

This topic was torn apart by a loose sanitary napkin today!

Its really loose, and the price is extremely low. One piece is only 20 cents.

How much is an ordinary sanitary napkin? We have a general scan. According to the brand basis, the cheapest one is about 5-6 cents, and the expensive one is more than 80 cents. This is a very high-sales brand of some East in promotion, 66 pieces of 73.7 yuan, almost one piece of money.

Obviously, the sanitary napkin in bulk is so cheap that we cant imagine it.

At first, we doubted that such sanitary napkins would be used? As a matter of fact, there are so many people who buy it. Many of the questions and answers below are more painful for us It turns out that the statistics of Xinhua news agency are true. There are so many women who cant even afford to buy a small bag of sanitary napkins for tens of yuan in ordinary supermarkets.

And a lot of female netizens who are obviously superior in life remind us not to buy this kind of sanitary napkin. We can see from the answer that the market for such cheap sanitary napkins is very large.

According to the feedback from netizens, I really feel that it is much shorter and thinner than ordinary sanitary napkins.

And most of the netizens said it was very cost-effective. In such a space that many of us did not touch, more people are living a life that many of us have never thought of.

These netizens are obviously unable to afford ordinary sanitary napkins, and choose to buy these bulk. This matter has caused a great stir in the online world mentioned above.

It leads to a name: menstrual poverty.

And we continue to look along this, actually found a lot of surprising data.

In modern society, there are still a large number of women who can not afford to use ordinary brand sanitary napkins. A large number of women still choose to pad with straw paper, which can save the amount of sanitary napkins.

Its similar to this kind of very rough toilet paper.

We have been taught since childhood that we should often change sanitary napkins to keep them clean. However, in these womens world, sanitary napkins are not allowed to be used in such a luxurious way. How can they use them?

A lot of them are replaced by straw paper!

A lot of things that we think should have entered the long history river for a long time, and things that should have entered the museum are still being used! And the quantity is quite a lot! I dont know how many girls in the city know about this?

Do you know what this is? This is menstrual belt, dont be surprised, we thought it should have been eliminated for a long time, now it is still widely used in some remote rural areas and counties.

There are still some online sales

This is the buyers return picture:

Some of them have been used for a long time. The ones that have been used for more than ten years are broken.

They all think that sanitary napkins are so cheap now.

2. Why do people even use straw paper instead?

Isnt it the money for two cups of milk tea?

Why do some people think sanitary napkins are expensive.

Please think about those sisters and sisters whose monthly income is less than 1000 yuan (background: 600 million people in China earn less than 1000 yuan a month). Even if a piece of sanitary napkin costs 50 cents, if you use three pieces of sanitary napkins per day for six days of menstruation, you will have to pay 9 yuan more per month. Even some people cant even afford that kind of loose sanitary napkin (a piece of two or three MAO).

Most of us are hard to understand how people with another consumption level live. Many things that seem easy to us are unimaginable for people in these low-income groups, mountainous areas and poor areas. It is really a bit of meat free to use milk tea analogy.

This thing is almost any girl can not get around the ridge, is absolutely in the absolute just need.

This is also the reason why we all think that ordinary brand sanitary napkins are really expensive. This is almost a hard currency related to all women. Its importance is almost equal to firewood, rice, oil and salt. However, we hardly see any girl saying how cheap sanitary napkins are now.

In 2017, a large Asian country listed sanitary napkins as luxury goods and imposed a heavy tax of 12%. More than 75% of women in this country cant afford the high consumption of sanitary napkins. Menstruation is stigmatized in this country, both men and women are ashamed to talk about it, and even become one of the reasons why girls drop out of school. The heavy tax on sanitary napkins has aroused widespread controversy at home and abroad, and even a film reflecting the issue of sanitary napkins has been made in China. Forced by internal and external pressure, the government announced in July of the following year (2018) that sanitary napkins would be removed from the list of luxury goods. Furthermore, sanitary napkins were listed as necessities and 100% tax-free. Im sure all mothers and sisters would be happy to learn that physiological products are now 100% duty-free, the countrys acting finance minister said at a press conference

Since 2004, many countries have abolished or reduced the taxes on sanitary napkins, tampons and other physiological products for women, including the United Kingdom, Kenya, Canada, India, Colombia, Australia, Germany, etc. Kenya was the first country to abolish the business tax on womens health products in 2004.

When Britain joined the European Community in 1973, it imposed a heavy tax of 17.5% on sanitary napkins, which fell to 5% in 2000, which is the lowest tax rate in the EU value-added tax law. The British government has promised to completely eliminate the duty on sanitary napkins after brexit. The national health service England has announced that, starting from the summer of 2019, sanitary napkins will be provided free of charge to female inpatients in all NHS supervised medical institutions.

Germany has imposed a 19% tax on sanitary napkins (the tax rate of general consumer goods), and it has been reduced to 7% (the low tax rate of daily necessities) since January 1, 2020

Australia once imposed a 10% tax on tampons and pads, which will be abolished on January 1, 2019.

Colombia once imposed a 5% tax on sanitary napkins, which was abolished on November 14, 2018.

Italy announced in December 2019 that it would reduce the tax on sanitary napkins to 5%.

American States have different tax systems. Most states will levy consumption tax / business tax on sanitary napkins. As of June 2019, 12 states have listed female physiological products as necessities and enjoy tax exemption.

It is Scotland that goes further. On February 25, 2020, the Scottish Parliament passed a new bill by close to full vote to provide all local women with free physiological supplies, setting a global precedent.

We know what youre sure to ask next.

However, we cant say that you can check it by yourself. However, tax is only one reason for the high price of sanitary napkins. We think that if the price of sanitary napkins is only three or seven, the majority is the speculation of manufacturers.

If the sanitary napkins which are essentially just needed are listed as market commodities, then the price will certainly be controlled by capital. This is a net friend who used to be a sanitary napkin brand operator.

Is it 100% appropriate for this special commodity to be completely priced by the market? We dont know. Will the price of menstrual products really burden people? In the cognition of many netizens, the cost of once a month, tens of yuan each time is not high.

However, according to the data that there are 600 million people in China with a monthly income of only 1000 yuan, the cost of menstrual supplies is still a cost that can not be ignored. For the sake of health, menstrual products should be replaced in time. At the same time, there are obvious differences in absorption and sense of use of sanitary napkins with different prices. According to a survey in Taiwan, 44.5% of women once reduced the replacement because they wanted to save supplies, 37.2% of women said that low price is the main consideration when purchasing physiological products, and 16.9% of women said that the expenditure on physiological products has brought me financial burden. Menstrual poverty is not an imaginary and exaggerated concept, but a real social problem. Some netizens have calculated such an account for us:

The particularity of sanitary napkin is incomparable to many daily necessities and food.

There is also a reference data. There is a foreigners website, which takes photos of 412 families in 65 countries in the world. The total number of photos is more than 1688. This classification is divided according to the monthly consumption income of families, that is, how much money you can spend in a month (including the cost of living, clothing, food, housing and transportation, etc.) so that we can intuitively feel the different incomes What kind of life does the class family have.

It can be clearly seen that although different regions of the country are different, the lifestyle presented under a certain amount of consumption capacity is almost astonishingly similar.

For these families whose total monthly consumption (including necessary living expenses) is only about 1000-2000 yuan, the sanitary napkin is indeed a huge burden.

Even if we pull the high point to more than 3000 Chinese families, we can see that the houses can not be decorated and the basic living facilities are complete, but they are obviously not rich. The only expensive appliance that appeared was a laptop

Lets pull the high point to 5000 yuan. This is an Indian family.

The furnishings at home are just like this.

What about the life we see on the Internet or some red book? Why not?

In fact, we have to pull the overall income to the top 20% of the world, that is, beyond the living standard of 80% of the people, only to find a trace. This is a Spanish family.

Its quite decent to have a four bedroom car and yard - but its still not qualified according to a certain red book standard, because the family is still using different bedding and mixed tableware. When the shaft is pulled into the world top1%, it fits the life described by some people: exquisite decoration, healthy diet, perfume, jewelry and cloakroom.

Lifestyle under consumerism bloggers are always shooting this 1%. Everyone is anxious, forgetting that 99% is the norm. Check out this website when you have time. You can also check toys, decorations, beds, teeth and even toilets of different families.

60% of the worlds people dont enjoy it.

This is an interview with a blogger from station B to poor areas. The childrens answer made us heartbroken

Back to the topic of bulk sanitary napkins, the following question seems to be a bit funny. In fact, it is heartbreaking to think about it carefully. An Internet buzzword does not smell good? These people who buy sanitary napkins in bulk do not understand at all, and they are still solemnly answering the question whether there is fragrance or not.

This is actually the true portrayal of the huge separation between the Internet and real life.

Many netizens who have been to remote areas sigh:

However, this matter is also confusing, although there is no authorization, but the shop is from their cooperation in a shop to purchase, in the end, whether the bulk sanitary napkins are qualified is still unknown.

But throughout the network, there are still many cheap, bulk sanitary napkins that we dont know about.

However, it is not cheap, there must be a problem, there are still many unknown domestic enterprises are doing some cheap but formal, in line with the health standards of products.

1. Allergy. Once allergies, swelling and pain in private areas affect the pain of walking, which is very difficult.

2. The day after side leakage. Especially when the menstrual volume is large, it is no exaggeration to say that the blood gushes out and penetrates the pants feeling is very frightening.

Moreover, we do not need to deny the reality of our menstrual shame. It is impossible to say that girls will not be embarrassed if they leak after leakage in class / workplace, especially when they wear light colored clothes unintentionally. Many girls have experienced this when they grow up, because their clothes are stained with conspicuous blood color and cant stand up.

3. Night after side leakage. Leakage after side leakage will not only dirty the pants, but also the bed sheet will be dyed red with blood after blood leakage in the middle of the night. You will feel strange in your sleep and wake up suddenly. So in the middle of the night, you cant open your eyes, get up to clean your underwear, change your bed sheets, toss it out, and sleep interrupts. After an hour or two, youll be basically useless the next day.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true });})(); Obviously, to really eliminate the sanitary napkin poverty still needs a great step to go, not just to reduce the tax can be done, more importantly, sanitary napkins as a special commodity to implement special management, can not simply throw it on the market, capital slaughter, sanitary napkins will only become more and more expensive, which is not good news for any woman. Enterprises respond that bulk sanitary napkins have hygiene license_ NN2587

Obviously, to really eliminate the sanitary napkin poverty still needs a great step to go, not just to reduce the tax can be done, more importantly, sanitary napkins as a special commodity to implement special management, can not simply throw it on the market, capital slaughter, sanitary napkins will only become more and more expensive, which is not good news for any woman.

Enterprises respond to hygiene license for bulk sanitary napkins