Deyun douxiaoshe is the strongest lineup in the history of Deyun douxiaoshe. You are invited to vote for Deyun No.1 brother by stages

 Deyun douxiaoshe is the strongest lineup in the history of Deyun douxiaoshe. You are invited to vote for Deyun No.1 brother by stages

The Deyun mens group has lived up to expectations and brought infinite joy to its fans. A fan said: I didnt expect that the box hasnt been opened for half a year, and the actors still have such a stable performance, which proves that they have really worked hard at home in the past six months.

Strength online Deyun mens group has a deep fan base. On August 25, Guo Degang talked about the rational pursuit of stars at the film watching meeting, saying that it should be advocated that no matter whether the audience is watching for free or spending money on the Internet, they are the parents of the actors and actresses. This concept of degree has also been implanted into the program. The first stage of the program staged music appeared in the public view for the first time in the variety show with the image of small music, conveying the consumption concept of happiness in degree, happiness in better to tens of millions of audiences. Faced with the enthusiasm and expectation of fans, the actors give back with their creation and performance.

Not only does the burden cause laughter, but the audiences curiosity about how to get along with the actors in front of the stage and behind the scenes is fully satisfied. In the program, Guo Degang planned a special meeting for the disciples. The cross talk actors of Deyun society entered the interview room without knowing it and received a apprenticeship: Zhang heluns figure, Zhang Jiulings scandal, Meng Hetangs recognition, Qin Xiaoxians stardom Guo degangdu pointed out one by one, bringing a new impression to this traditional theme program.

The program enriches actors images in the form of reality show + crosstalk performance and starts the journey of teasing. It seems that the program is selecting Deyun Yige. In fact, it is to continue the fun of cross-talk culture, show the charm of cross-talk groups and actors in a new way, and convey a positive happy outlook on life, which is also the value of the staged music under Lexin. As an industry leading enterprise trusted by 100 million users, stage music has recently put forward a brand-new brand concept of happy in measure, happy to see better. Under the new mission of continuously innovating consumption mode with science and technology, so that hundreds of millions of users can live a happy life, the company can better promote the continuous progress of users and society.

Data show that the indicators of Lexin grew steadily in the second quarter. Its three major brands, staged shopping mall to create brand staged music, digital full scene staged consumption mode to create brand Le flower card, and brand new membership based consumer service platform Le card, all showed strong growth momentum, and the number of transactions increased rapidly. The total orders of the three platforms reached 74.6 million, an increase of 168% compared with 27.8 million in the second quarter of 2019. In the third quarter, the average daily order volume of Lexin has exceeded 1 million. Lexin ranks among the 100 million level Internet consumption platform, opening up a broader space for growth.