Zheng Shuang was invited again after two days of rolling over! Why can she not grow up

 Zheng Shuang was invited again after two days of rolling over! Why can she not grow up

In the live broadcasting room, some people are impressive, while others live into giant babies

Recently, two stars have been searching for out of control in the studio.

The studio is really a mirror of the real world.

Without any post editing optimization, any words, emotional changes and body movements will be captured by fans and recorded permanently.

One is Jia Nailiang, who finally got rid of the model husband and beloved wife.

During a 5-hour live broadcast, Jia Nailiang completely put down the burden of the star and became a live model worker. He didnt drink a mouthful of water and didnt rest for a minute. He was yelling hard all the time.

Sell skipping rope on the spot to show you;

Of course, the food is for you to see

Not enough atmosphere?

Balabala small magic wand to show you.

At the end of the video, knowing that the live broadcast attracted 50 million people to watch and brought 240 million sales. When the record of star live broadcast with goods was set, Jia Nailiang was excited to his knees.

Tears came out.

The other is Zheng Shuang, who broke down in his mood in the studio a few days ago and expelled two anchors.

Zheng Shuang, who is nearly 30 years old, is carrying goods live under the banner of birthday broadcast. She also invited the cat Sister of Simba universe, as well as professional DJ Zijin, to come to help.

But they dont know that they are about to usher in a huge Waterloo in their career.

The fuse should be from Zheng Shuangs eye shadow, which has been stocked up for 2000 times, and has not been sold out.

Before the broadcast, Zheng Shuang asked about the sales record of cat Sister, the anchor beside her, and knew that she could sell more than 100 million yuan in a few minutes. She took it for granted that she could be better.

But the reality is too cruel. The goods that have been robbed every minute cant be sold out, which is far from her psychological expectationu2014u2014

Whats the matter? I, Zheng Shuang, a female star who is loved by thousands of people, has less appeal than an Internet celebrity?

After experiencing the emotional swings visible to the naked eye, she gave the male anchor a push: I think you should leave.

Male anchor:??????

This drove Zijin away.

As soon as the female anchor cat sister saw that the venue was cold and embarrassed, she wanted to calm down the atmosphere and say Xiao Shuang. Lets have a chat.

Sure enough, Zheng Shuang was invited out of the studio the next second.

After that, Shuang Mei gave a speech about the bad consumerism. The subtext was nothing more than that you made my studio so bad that my goods could not be sold well

Then, Zheng Shuang cried wrongly.

Yes, I cried.

On her birthday, in her own live room selling goods (single bet x1).

A massive online crash.

After watching this live broadcast, of course, I didnt buy anything.

The first reaction is simple

Live with goods belongs to the field of sales, which requires professional skills, not how much time you can break 100 million if you have fame.

Jia Nailiang is willing to commit himself to live broadcasting. He makes every effort in the studio to make money and sell things. He even says that gold cup and silver cup are not as well-known as the common people. Is it because he likes to sell things?

Not at that time.

But when Zheng Shuang came here, she didnt think so. When Zheng Shuang knew that she had no ability, most of the work would collapse, what she thought wasu2014u2014

Im going to cry for you.

Your performance is nothing to do with me.

You adults are too greasy.

However, there are still a large number of fans who complain for her, but in the micro blog comment area, they are holding grievances for Zheng Shuang

Its worth pondering.

Im not happy. I just can lose my temper. If Im not comfortable, Ill tell you what you adults will say about emotional stability and what you want, but I just dont want to.

They reject the greasy, cool world of adults / our world, which is pure, and unhappiness is to say it.

Network speech should not be true.

Therefore, the envy of Zheng Shuang turned into a cover up for Zheng Shuangs unprofessional.

But almost 30 years old, you want to keep your own small world can, cant take other peoples job as the premise.

Otherwise, it is giant infant behavior.

Unfortunately, I once met such a giant baby in reality, in a company.

Collapsing companies and collapsing interns

I met an intern in my previous job.

It was a post-90s or workplace Xiaobai, laughing at the backward era of our post-80s.

On the day of the interview, she called early:

Manager, I stayed all night last night. Maybe Ill be late today, OK?

HR casually asked if it was too late to work.

No, when I met some old friends, I got drunk and sang K.

HR was stunned. Maybe she was surprised by her confession.

In the evening, she called again

Manager, its hard to find you here. Can you pick me up?

HR was stunned again and said the address again.

I dont know where I am. Youd better pick me up.

HR cherished his talent and went there.

Later we all make complaints about this poor HR. If we dont pick up the day, there will be so many things behind us.

Because the project was tight, the girl did have interview skills, so people came in.

When she arrived, the whole project team became her playground.

She is a real rich second generation, with a face that has not been bullied. The beginning of every conversation with a colleague is basically what luxury goods she has bought or plans her next overseas trip.

Its OK to chat, but you cant always put down your work to chat with her, right? Its not a tea party. If you dont go to work seriously, you are the first to leave after work.

What was assigned to her was actually to check the information, but it was also a mess. Her colleagues had to work overtime to do it again.

So she just talked to Xiao a. Because a is really handsome.

She will calculate the time of as overtime work and come back to the company after work. She will say to Xiao a with a smile that she forgot to bring her things, and then she still wants her to send them.

Xiao a is very upset because he has a girlfriend.

As a result, the girl had a showdown with Xiao a one day, asking him to choose one between his girlfriend and her.

Its very direct. I dont play green tea.

But whats the choice? Its impossible to say that there is no emotional foundation that people have started from university.

So she ran to her work station and began to burst into tears. While crying, he wrote the name of Xiao a on the paper.

Were all stupid. Which one is this??

She suddenly stood up and grabbed the clothes of a big sister in our group. She asked her to find Xiao as girlfriend and persuade her to leave Xiao a.

The elder sister still saw the world, but advised her to leave Xiao a.

The other people who come back to me think the same as me: youd better leave the company.

Buddha blessing, the next day she really did not come, and did not go through any procedures.

And thats it.

The work that should be done is not finished, and there is no internship salary. It is estimated that people dont care.

Bitter little a, and girlfriend explain together;

Bitter us, originally wanted to eat melon, the result is a bitter gourd, still have to do her work again.

But after all, its an intern and a little girl. Even if you miss your job, you can find it to make up for it. However, the impact of regular employees and adults is not so simple.

Keeping yourself and refusing to grow up are two different things

I think Zheng Shuang and my colleague have made a mistake

Refusing to grow up is a giant baby, which creates trouble for the people around him with his willful and unprofessional;

To maintain self is to be sober, to resist the changes of the surroundings with ones own experience and maturity.

These are two completely different things.

You cant let others pay for your freedom and self.

In a variety show, when the guest Wei daxun mentioned that he had been filming for 34 hours in a row, Zheng Shuang was surprised

Why cant you just walk away like me?

Zheng Shuang said he was filming on the set and would stop walking away if he felt stressed.

Hearing this, teacher he was surprised to ask if it would be a bit bad, and would others have any opinions?

Zheng Shuang said that he knew it would be scolded, but it was not important.

Later, Guo Jingming continued to ask what to do if the director had to shoot by himself. Zheng Shuang said frankly:

Then cry.

At 3 years old, crying really solves everything.

30 years old, can you?

Zheng Shuang can, and she knows clearly that she can.

She has not had a decent work for a long time. The most recognized and favorite work of the audience is her debut work watching the meteor shower together 10 years ago.

The other is the peony, the fairy from the painting.

Now, when it comes to Zheng Shuang, most of them are negative news that his mood is out of control, he doesnt cooperate with the program or his acting skills are questioned.

On I am an actor, when rehearsing the competition, I didnt have any words at all. I faced the wall and let my teammates collapse alone;

Dissatisfied with the program, he got angry on the spot and accused everyone hysterically, regardless of the occasion;

Every moment when she collapsed, lost her state of mind, and gave up doing nothing, she was holding I know that I will be scolded, but it is not important..

Because as mentioned in the first paragraph, there are always a group of fans who understand her, support her and love her.

Moreover, after each outbreak, more public opinions and discussions will be attracted. The heat represents the popularity, and the next time there will still be merchants coming to visit.

Just like this time, just a few days after the live broadcast of emotional collapse, Zheng Shuang went on the second live broadcast on Chinese Valentines day, under the banner of bringing goods is not the point, come and have tea with me and have a chat..

As a topic queen, Zheng Shuang does not worry about living.

She seems to be successful, but the success is hollow and easy to collapse.

In the sound of the crowd, there is a definition of successu2014u2014

In our society, success means recognition of public attention.

To put it bluntly, what attracts more public attention is more successful.

As a result, Zheng Shuangs mood broke down and the topic broke out, attracting public attention. Some fans firmly supported it. The popularity increased and the flow increased, and new cooperation followed.

A poor success loop is coming out.

If the definition of success is the recognition of public attention, then according to the unsustainable and unpredictable characteristics of attention, such success is doomed to be too long-term.

This is why, no matter Zheng Shuang or those who admire her success, they must jump out of the noisy closed loop of success.

Because a person wants to settle down in the society for a long time, the most important thing is to build the core competence.

I remember that during the discussion of this topic, the main dish, paofan, asked:

Someone replied: because Park Shu has works, he doesnt rely on flow.

For Zheng Shuang, shes living a good life now, and shes very popular. On the contrary, the rollover of the live broadcast has achieved popularity and brought traffic,

However, as an actor, it is obviously more realistic and long-term than crying and practicing acting skills.

To return to us as ordinary people, we should not be giant babies, stay away from giant babies, be not coerced by the low quality closed-loop success and not infatuated with this hollow success. We should take a long-term road steadfastly.


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