Oh ho, hes a tough guy

 Oh ho, hes a tough guy

Dragon Boat Festival is the role played by Ou Hao in the movie eight hundred. When people die, their intestines are blown out, which leaves a lot of psychological shadow for ou Hao. Not eating pig intestines is the sequela of the play.

However, Ou Hao said that he had to take it as slowly as possible

Shooting eight hundred is a big thing for ou Hao. But this strength comes not only from the intestines that are exploded in the play, but also the growth of the Dragon Boat Festival from a boy to a man.

As Ou Hao said, in the play, he died after the Dragon Boat Festival, but the process of filming made him really live once.

01 forced growth

The film eight hundred is based on the story of a reinforced battalion of 524 regiment of 88th division of the third war zone of the Chinese National Revolutionary Army, known as 800 strong men, during the Songhu battle in 1937. It was ordered to stick to the warehouse of Shanghais four banks and resist the Japanese army tenaciously for four days and four nights.

Ou Hao plays the Dragon Boat Festival from Hubei security group. After the security group was broken up, he was incorporated by the 524 regiment of 88th division and joined in the battle to protect the Sihang warehouse.

At the beginning, this character was just a lengtouqing who had never been out of the county. He went to Shanghai with his uncle and brother. He just wanted to see what the big city looked like. He never thought of going to war.

But four days and four nights in the warehouse changed the boys life.

He watched his compatriots die one by one at the gunpoint of the enemy, especially the process of his uncle Lao Hulu (Huang Zhizhong) hanging up and harmed by the Japanese army through the iron window. He finally realized the cruelty of the war, and his hatred for the enemy and his sense of mission to resist Japan were aroused.

Finally, he dedicated his young life to this cruel battlefield, sparing no effort to protect the land under his feet.

And Ou Hao used his performance to restore this sense of compulsion.

Facing the captured enemy for the first time, he didnt dare to kill, but didnt want to.

Trembling to take up the gun, but how can not hand.

The grief, helplessness, remorse and resentment in his eyes, which he witnessed for the first time, were deeply felt.

When he wanted to escape for the first time, he found that the Japanese army was attacking the warehouse. In a hurry, he yelled at the Sixing warehouse with instinct to pass the message to the soldiers inside. As a result, he unexpectedly became a hero in the eyes of the common people and received a lot of praise. At this time, his characters mood gradually changed from confusion and confusion at the beginning to relief, and finally swam back to the warehouse in this heroic light.

The first time he was shot, he was scared to death. While covering his neck, he yelled little Hubei (the name of his brother during the Dragon Boat Festival). The panic and fear made people see the real physiological reaction of a young man who had not fought in the face of gunfire and death.

For the first time, he saw the soldiers jumping into the enemy pile one by one with explosives strapped to their bodies in order to protect the warehouse. He was shocked by the spirit of sacrificing ones life for justice. He began to have a sense of mission. Every movement and every look in his eyes conveyed the changes in the characters heart.

When he found out that old abacus wanted to escape, he held a gun against his head and said, if you want to escape, I will kill you.. That anger and blood is real. But when he saw the old abacus imploring Him with tears and talking about the reasons why he wanted to escape, the young man was shaken again. The tears kept rolling in his eyes. Maybe it was the cowardice of the old abacus that made him think of himself. Finally, he chose to put down the gun and let the old abacus go.

Liang Jing said that the crying drama stunned everyone on the scene at that time. Zhang Yi was really good at acting, but Ou Hao also took the test from his opponents.

In the end, Ou Haos Dragon Boat Festival grew from a timid ordinary man to a brave fighter. The boy who had been unable to carry a gun could not carry it. Finally, in order to protect the flag on the roof, he took the initiative to shoot Japanese bombers and sacrificed himself in this battle.

At the last moment of his life, his eyes have lingering and reluctant to give up the world, and also have the fearlessness of sacrificing ones life for righteousness.

With his delicate performance, Ou Hao truthfully shows the transformation and growth of a boy in a cruel age, and he also holds the heart of everyone in front of the screen.

Although he has bid farewell to the Dragon Boat Festival for more than two years, this role has left Ou Hao a lot of stamina. Eight hundred released these days, he often anxiously brush micro blog, see everyones evaluation of the film, the Dragon Boat Festival. Surprise and surprise are the most frequently used words in the comment area.

Who would have thought that the flow of Xiaosheng, who used to be a quick man, now has such a brilliant performance on the road of actors.

Ou Hao is breaking the prejudice against him.

02 is a cruel man

Ou Haos surprise is not easy.

This is mainly due to his ruthlessness to himself.

Because of his non academic background, Ou Hao has little skill in acting and uses stupid methods to replace his role.

When shooting eight hundred, in order to show the characters fatigue, he didnt sleep for two days and nights, just to make the fatigue more real.

He was also injured in the film.

There was a scene in which the Japanese army dropped poison gas bombs at the warehouse of Sihang. In a panic, Ou Hao fell into the underground water channel from the second floor. Many people thought that the play was useful for special effects or doubles, but in fact, Ou Hao was on the scene and shot in the end.

In order to pursue the most perfect effect, he shot a total of 28 pieces, and his physical strength reached the limit. When shooting, he accidentally sprained his neck because he fell askew.

Another water play was the scene in which he and Zhang Yi fled from the river together for a week. The shooting time was about November in Suzhou. It was winter in the south. The water temperature was very low. Even if they were wrapped in plastic film and wore waterproof clothes, they could not resist the piercing cold.

Ou Hao, Zhang Yi, and the actors who played the Japanese soldiers were in the water under such conditions for a week and were shivering and cramped every day.

In this movie, Ou Hao went to the hospital three times, and a piece of meat fell off his knee. He tasted all the hardships he could eat. It is precisely because of this dedication, this earnest, hard work, hard work, never slacken spirit, let the colleagues who cooperate with him appreciate him, win the reputation and respect for him, and get the recognition of the audience.

Ou Hao said that eight hundred inspired his potential, and he was very happy in the process of stealing teachers. Now when I think about that experience, I dont feel pain, I just feel good enough.

He said, in the play, I died with the Dragon Boat Festival, but the process of filming let me seriously live for a time, and also burned for a time.

Intercepted from @ Ou Hao microblog

This kind of self abusive acting method did not start from eight hundred.

There was a drowning scene in the shooting of hero of fire. Ou Hao was unable to dive at that time. In order to sink, the crew suspended him in the middle of the pool with a rope, and arranged for a professional diver to pull Ou Haos foot in the water, saying that if he felt he couldnt, he would make a gesture.

In the shooting of desperate, Ou Haos car chase and crash scenes are determined to use no double. They all come by themselves. Once, when shooting, the whole car lost control because of the brake failure and the wheel burst suddenly. Fortunately, a tree saved him.

A lot of people think that Ou Haos action plays are too cruel and too dangerous. They completely break their impression of young idol actors.

Ou Hao said that it was all because his predecessors gave him a model to let him know that being an actor is not so simple and that he should take the industry seriously.

03 there is still a long way to go

Since his debut, Ou Hao has created some impressive roles with his own efforts.

Zhang Yang in Zuo er

Suang in the boy

Tianpeng in Wukong Zhuan

Ye Ting in the great cause of building the army

Xia Xi in desperate

Ye qianze in mountain moon


He didnt market himself too much. Every time he got some news, it was basically related to his works.

Nowadays, many actors or actresses are either crazy about variety shows to attract traffic or compete for positions without looking at their works. For example, Ou Hao, a young man who rarely goes to variety shows and has always been humble, low-key and down-to-earth, is really a stream of clean water.

At least give more young actors a sample.

Living in the entertainment industry is like running a marathon. Compared with speed, the real competition is endurance.

Five years ago, Ou Hao had a date with the left ear crew. At that time, Lu Yu asked Su Youpeng, do you feel tired? Do you need to constantly prove yourself to others? Su Youpeng replied that I would always take the road that everyone would find very hard and not necessarily beneficial, but what I wanted to do would be done conscientiously and in accordance with my ideal state.

On the spot that day, Su Youpeng told the three young actors in left ear that in the future, we should never forget our original intention, and do not inflate. Because many times, the road is not far away. Its not just about appearance and luck. Sometimes character is more important.

Ou Hao should have heard this.

He once said that shooting left ear made him interested in acting and began to seriously think about becoming an actor. But now, just like Su Youpeng in those days, he took some roads that people would find very hard, but not necessarily beneficial.

Its just the beginning.

As the audience, we can only wait and see how his life script will develop.

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