Will a good man live hard?

 Will a good man live hard?

In the second season, he was more like a tool man, dedicated to science popularization.

For the bands performance, there is little useful comment, either not to say, or to say a few scene words.

It seems that he has become a no standard musician.

But is that really the case?

Today, lets talk about Zhang Yadong.

Who is Zhang Yadong? I believe that anyone who is slightly interested in Chinese music has heard of this name.

He is one of the most important producers of Chinese music in the past three decades, and he is the man behind the back of numerous famous musicians.

Zhang Yadong, the producer of Faye Wongs original Mandarin album impetuousness in 1996, composed eight songs for her. This is also a co-operative album by Dou Wei, Faye Wong and Zhang Yadong. The sales volume was very poor, but the evaluation was very high.

In 2000, Faye Wong released the album fables. Zhang Yadong, who was abroad at that time, compiled the first five songs for her on her journey. In an interview with new weekly, Zhang Yadong talked about the album and said that he didnt think the fable would be highly accepted at that time, but neither he nor Faye Wong cared whether it sold well or not.

In the first season of Le Xia, Zhang Yadongs tears whirled in his eyes when he sang Park Shus new boy in penicillin.

This song is the first song in park Shus first album. It was composed by Zhang Yadong 20 years ago. He also produced the whole album of I go to 2000.

He said that when he heard penicillin sing this song, he suddenly remembered the state when we were all making music together when we were children. At that time, they were still children. They thought everything was very simple. All the joy, happiness and vision came from instinct.

Watch the ball together, make music together, fight hard together. The year 2000 is coming, and everyone is full of expectation that everything will be very good.

But many years later, the world didnt get better or worse than it had been. Once the Newboy is no longer young, everyone is faced with the situation of supporting a family, can not live as lightly as before.

Zhang Yadong and park Shu have talked many times. One of the words he often talks about is: you have to stand in line. You have to choose what kind of life you live. People cant have everything. If you really want to make music, you have to give up a lot of things.

However, when Zhang Yadong saw penicillin, he felt that time did not change. There will always be people who are young, and there will always be new boys.

Not only do you see the names of Xu Wei, Wang Feng, Mo Wenwei, Liu Ruoying and Li Yuchun in the albums that Wang Fei, Dou Wei, Pu Shu and Zhang Yadong have done.

Zhang Yadong can also be seen in early domestic rock bands such as the catcher in the rye and the underground baby.

Mandarin, a young band that attracts much attention in Le Xia 2, also plays bass in their lullaby cradlesong.

Most of the time, Zhang Yadong has been standing behind these people, helping them to improve their music expression.

He doesnt know how to sing, he just disdains to perform.

Zhang Yadong made a personal album Yatung in 1998. He can sing, even sing difficult songs, but he doesnt like it.

Im a freak, too. I cant stand to pick up the microphone with a solemn and affectionate manner and give you a song that will move you. I dont like singing. I dont even want lyrics. Music doesnt need to be spoken

So later he wrote his own songs and asked others to sing them.

In 2009, Zhang Yadong produced a creative album called undercurrent, which is his own song. Please sing it with some good friends.

Some media commented that Zhang Yadong created a new aesthetic of pop music and Chinese melody.

But Zhang Yadong never seems to think that he has created anything.

He said more than once that he did not know what complete innovation was, nor had he heard of it. The works of the past are so great that there is no chance for him to innovate again. He feels that everything has been written. Sometimes its not who you want to imitate, but what you raise your hand is someone elses thing.

Its like the draft singers, everyone is imitating the black voice, feeling like a potato, but hoping to be an apple. He knew that every artist wanted to be unique, but it was too hard to change from a potato to an apple.

When he was young, Zhang Yadong had a lot of passion and set many lofty goals for himself. He felt that everything didnt matter and he was not afraid of anything. But as he grew older and learned more, he became more and more timid, believing that he could not change anything at all, but only his own views.

The great era of music, passed, will never go back.

We are all compromising to time, environment and reality.

He sometimes envies Dou Weis bravery and freedom. He envies Dou Weis ability to persist in himself, and doesnt care if he doesnt understand from the outside world.

Most of the time, he has become very realistic. He knows all the lofty truths about music, and he has a small part of his heart to stick to, but the other part is reality, which is to survive, to make money, to make a living, to live his life well and not to cause any trouble to anyone.

Zhang Yadong didnt insist on himself so much. Sometimes he felt that he was not important compared with his works.

In front of music, he is willing to be a tool, which makes him feel extremely honored.

Looking at Zhang Yadongs interview, its hard to see an inherent impression that artists should be.

He doesnt exclude the public and business. He says that when he makes pop music, he doesnt want to copy something that is too safe. He will add a bit of alternative feeling to make it artistic. But in fact, it is still popular in nature, otherwise it will be divorced from commerce.

He can not shy away from his material needs, but also admitted that he has been wavering between sensibility and rationality. At the same time, they want to be understood and become a good person.

Its not that he hasnt lost his temper.

In the first season of Le Xia, after a band performed, he was directly angry at the recording site: for me, this song is very ordinary, there is no need to listen to it.

He said that music is music, music has its own beauty. Dont talk to him about it. He just wants to hear the musicality of the work.

That kind of straightforward anger, in this seasons happy summer disappeared.

When expression may become a kind of injury, Zhang Yadong began to tangle, contradict and silence.

Most of the time, he can only say: very good.

Zhang Yadong certainly hopes to drive himself to do anything with his heart, but it is very difficult. Oppressed by too many things, he sometimes feels timid. He even said that he had never been himself in a day.

This thoughtful person, in the end, did not fully open himself.

Will such people live harder?