Collection of shoes

 Collection of shoes

When Liu Yong heard this, the fire came up and called, what? Did you give your shoes to uncle? Xiaohong said, yes, you said it was not comfortable to wear. You put it there after a few days. Uncles feet are only a yard away from you. Isnt it just right? He sends chestnuts every year, but we never give him anything.

Liu Yong interrupted angrily, what do you know! They are pure handmade leather shoes from Italy. A pair of leather chestnuts is worth several thousand euros

Xiaohong was flustered and said, why didnt you say a word? Ive been throwing it under the shoe cabinet for a long time. Its all gray. Liu Yong said in an impassioned voice: I just knew that, too.

It turns out that Liu Yong and director Li went to Italy to attend a seminar in the first half of the year. The souvenir after the meeting was a pair of shoes for each person. However, when Liu Yong came back to wear them, his shoes were increased inside. Liu Yong was a tall man in his mid eighties, so he was not used to them. The feeling of the shoes was not good. There was a big blister on his feet within two days, so he left the shoes there. Director Li is short and chubby. The shoes are quite suitable for him. After wearing them, the whole person looks more upright.

Just today, Liu Yong suddenly heard that director Li had been double disciplined, that is, what he committed on his shoes. Someone took a picture of director Li and put it on the Internet. Netizens reported that the shoes on his feet were a famous brand of several thousand euros. Liu Yong suddenly thought that he had a pair of shoes with director Li at that time. He quickly came back to look for such expensive shoes.

Xiaohong is a pain in the money, she quickly picked up the phone book, find out the uncles phone number, called in the past. Xiaohong hasnt called uncle for a long time. The uncle was very moved at the end of the phone and said, good girl, Ill send you chestnuts next year. I know you like to eat them since you were a child. Before the chestnuts are ripe on the branches, you watch them eagerly every day...

Xiaohong has something in mind, and she falters and haws: uncle, are you comfortable with those shoes? Uncle said: comfortable, very comfortable, I wear it every day, or daughter filial piety.

Xiaohong on the phone, eyes red, she put down the phone, said to Liu Yong: dont say I sent out a pair of shoes, is Jinshan Yinshan, for the uncles love for me, Im sorry to open up again to come back. Xiaohongs parents left early. It was her uncle who raised her. Although she was called uncle, she was actually the adoptive father. Liu Yong listened and had to give up.

The next day when I went to work, another explosive news came, saying that director Lis shoes were limited edition, and there were only 18 pairs in the world. The whole Bureau said that they were the Heirlooms treasure! Liu Yong cant sit still. At the last meeting, the organizers were very polite to themselves. They even reserved first-class tickets for their return, and the souvenirs were collected by director Li. At that time, Liu Yong felt that the organizer was too stingy and only issued a pair of shoes. Now it seems that this move is really extraordinary. I dare to feel that he is stained with the light of director Li!

Liu Yong was full of shoes all morning, blaming himself for his blindness and his Italian brothers low-key. His shoes were wrapped in a yellow paper box, and there was no bar code to scan. He also blamed himself for being so disheartened that even uncle Xiaohong, who does farm work every day, can put on his shoes. How could he feel uncomfortable wearing them The more I think about it, the more I think I have to get it back. Liu Yong finally came up with a good idea. He went to the unit for a day off, bought a pair of new leather shoes with a size of 39. He took two bottles of wine and went straight to uncles house. He wanted to change those shoes back.

Uncle in the country, Liu Yong or just married Xiaohong once, with memory, hard to find the door. Uncle is a lonely old man. His neighbor said he went up the mountain to cut firewood. Liu Yong stayed outside the door until it was dark. The uncle came back with a bundle of firewood on his back. Liu Yong looked straight at his feet. Fortunately, uncle was wearing a pair of release shoes. Yes, its not decent to wear leather shoes up the mountain.

Seeing that it was Liu Yong, the uncle was startled and asked, is Xiaohong OK? You two didnt fight, did you Liu Yong knew that he had frightened the old man by coming uninvited. He explained that he was passing by on a business trip. He stopped by to see his uncle. The uncle was relieved. He welcomed Liu Yong into the room and set out to cook for Liu Yong.

Liu Yong put the wine down, and his eyes looked around the house. But strangely, except for a few pairs of mud stained release shoes under the bed and at the door of the house, where are the shadows of leather shoes? After a few dishes were put on the table, they sat opposite each other and drank a little wine. Liu Yong could not hold his breath and asked, uncle, did you always send us chestnuts last time? Where are the shoes Xiaohong sent you?

We have to start from xiaohongnian primary school. The school is on the other side of the river. As soon as the flash flood comes, Xiaohong worries about the river. The flood has washed away several children crossing the river.

The uncle said with emotion: I remember this all my life, and Im more happy than eating honey. I didnt expect that she also remembered it. Dont you think she gave me a pair of leather shoes this year

Liu Yong was ashamed to hear that, but considering the purpose of coming this time, he still insisted: uncle, the shoe size Xiaohong sent you last time is not the right size. Its one size larger. Look, what Im bringing this time is your size. What about those shoes?

Just then, the door opens and Xiaohong comes in with a man in uniform. When she saw Liu Yong, she was not surprised and said, if you asked for leave in the unit, I knew you came to the uncle to look for shoes. This is a staff member of the court. I want to collect evidence for the shoes.

Liu Yong blushed and said what uncle had said. Xiaohong wept as she listened, saying, he still remembers my childs words up to now. Liu Yong said: now uncle is drunk, only when he wakes up.

Xiaohong said, no, I know where the shoes are. Xiaohong found a small box behind a humble wooden box and said, this is my treasure box when I was a child. Uncle said that shoes and my baby are together. They must be here.

Xiaohong opens the yellowing box. There are really those shoes in it, and there are many wishing stars nearby. They were folded when Xiaohong was a child. Liu Yong opened a few and saw it read: I want to buy a lot of chocolate for uncle. Uncle and I have dumplings every day. Xiaohong sobbed as she watched.

The uniformed man took the shoes, looked at them for a while, and said, this is just a pair of ordinary leather shoes, which are thousands of miles away from the pair on director Lis feet. He often uses this as a cover up, deliberately saying its a meeting souvenir, confusing the line of sight.

Liu Yong listened, angrily took the shoes, threw them on the ground, and trampled on his feet. At this time, the uncle was woken up. After seeing it, he picked up the shoes and held them in his arms. Like a child, he said, what are you doing? This is a gift from my daughter

Liu Yong took out his new shoes and presented them respectfully. He said, uncle, these shoes are for you.

The uncle looked at it and said heartily, why do you buy shoes again? Its a waste of money. Im flat footed. How can I wear leather shoes?

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