Foreign media: Taiwans MediaTek applied to the US government to continue supplying goods to China

 Foreign media: Taiwans MediaTek applied to the US government to continue supplying goods to China

US media said that in a short statement, MediaTek said, MediaTek reiterated that the company respects the enforcement of relevant prohibitions and international trade regulations, and has applied to the US side in accordance with these provisions.

Analysts pointed out that MediaTek may be seriously affected by the new U.S. ban. Lianfa technology is one of the only five 5g mobile phone baseband chip manufacturers in the world. It launched the first 5g chip Tianji 1000 in November 2019. At present, it is focusing on 5g chip development and has been cooperating with Huawei.

Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying has stressed that the US side has no evidence to prove that Huawei and other Chinese enterprises pose a threat to the security of the United States. Huaweis biggest mistake is that it belongs to China, that is, it is more advanced than the United States in 5g field. It seems that the United States cant tolerate any other country having something better than it. Therefore, the United States has suppressed Chinese enterprises such as Huawei with unwarranted charges and abuse of state power. This is a kind of economic bullying and a blatant negation of the principle of market economy that the United States has always flaunted. Countries all over the world see this very clearly.

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Suddenly, MediaTek applied to the United States to continue to supply Huawei, and the American Semiconductor Association disclosed the reason

Today, media disclosed that MediaTek, a semiconductor giant, has applied to the United States and hopes to continue to supply Huawei after September 15. In doing so, it is not surprising that it does not violate his previously reiterated position of complying with the provisions of global trade-related laws and regulations. First of all, the application for continued supply of Huawei by MediaTek this time is also within the scope of the ban and in accordance with relevant provisions to apply for special permission from the US side. Secondly, after entering the 5g era, MediaTek has made a sudden effort in the field of mobile phone chips. Less than a firm foothold in the low-end market, the high-end market has also released Tianji 1000 series chips, which can compete with Qualcomm.

According to the data released by the American Semiconductor Association, the global semiconductor sales in the first half of this year were 208.5 billion US dollars, while Chinas import volume was 154.61 billion US dollars, an increase of 12.2% year-on-year. This shows that China is the engine of global semiconductor market development. Huawei, as one of the largest chip manufacturers in China, will affect the profits of many manufacturers. According to the American Semiconductor Association, since the ban this year, American semiconductor companies have lost $17 million due to blocked supply to Huawei. Huawei is indeed an important customer for suppliers.

Although affected by the ban, there are still many manufacturers actively running for Huawei. For Huawei at present, this is a great support.

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