Hong Kong media: Li Denghui is responsible for helping 200 thugs abscond to Taiwan

 Hong Kong media: Li Denghui is responsible for helping 200 thugs abscond to Taiwan

Hong Kong media reported that from June last year to January this year, at least 200 rioters fled by sea and air to Taiwan, which they regarded as a safe haven. It is reported that at the beginning of the riot, some rioters accepted donations from secret organizations and flew to Taiwan by plane; others, at a cost of US $10000 per person (about HK $78000), smuggled into Taiwans southern ports by fishing boats. After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the goof (escaping) was blocked by the plane, and the water became the only escape channel for the rioters. In December last year, mafia elements boarded ships from Hong Kong to Dongsha Island, and then took fishing boats to Taiwans Pingtung and Kaohsiung. The operation was natural. However, the smuggling tide was rampant, and the law enforcement departments of Guangdong and Hong Kong stepped up their efforts to crack down on them. The exposure of Li Yuxuan and other 12 Mafia elements who illegally crossed Taiwan by water was just the tip of the iceberg.

HK $6 million has been used to aid Hong Kongs black violence

According to Hong Kong media, foreign media revealed that there were several local Taiwan priests involved. The most well-known one was Huang Chunsheng, the Minister of Taiwan Presbyterian Church and the current Minister of Jinan Christian Presbyterian Church in Taipei. Huang once admitted to acting as a liaison to coordinate with secret organizations in Hong Kong and help the thugs to come to Taiwan and live in Taiwan.

Huang Chunsheng disclosed to the media that he had received a call from a mob last year telling him that he would flee to Taiwan to inquire whether he could stay in the church temporarily. Later, he arranged for the mob to live in a youth hostel near the church. The church paid the relevant expenses, and provided living expenses of more than HK $2600 and a housing allowance of HK $2116 to each black mob every month. Huang Chunsheng also said frankly that about HK $5 million to HK $6 million had been spent on financial aid for the black violence in Hong Kong.

Minister of marriage certificate of Li Denghuis granddaughter

According to Hong Kong media reports, although Huang Chunsheng is a religious figure, he is actively engaged in politics. His church has raised millions of Hong Kong dollars in Taiwan, which is closely related to his relationship with Lee Teng Hui. After Lee Teng Hui died of illness in Taipei on the 30th of last month, Huang Chunsheng posted on his Facebook to recommend books about Lee Teng Hui. On the 14th of this month, the funeral and cremation services of Li Denghuis body were also held in Jinan church. The bell tower of the church rang 21 times, and Huang issued a memorial prayer on Facebook. In addition, Li Denghuis granddaughter married in Jinan Church in 2015 under the witness marriage of Huang Chunsheng.

As we all know, from Lee Teng Hui and Chen Shui Bian to todays Tsai ing Wen, they have never concealed the evil intention of Taiwan independence. Last year, Tsai ing Wen openly consumed the black violence in Hong Kong. After being re elected as the leader of the Taiwan authorities, the people of Taiwan strongly opposed the acceptance of thugs, which made the situation of Tsai ing Wen, who has always said that she supports the mobs, into an embarrassing situation. Finally, the so-called Hong Kong humanitarian aid and care action project was launched, stressing that the object of aid must be legal entry. The Mainland Affairs Commission drew a more real-time line after Li Yuxuan failed to abscond Hong Kong people are not encouraged to go to Taiwan illegally.

Several disorderly Hong Kong elements fled to Taiwan and were intercepted by the mainland, and the Taiwan authorities hastily cleared away

Guangdong Coast Guard arrested more than 10 suspected illegal cross-border personnel on the 23rd. Later, Wen Wei Po and other Hong Kong media pointed out that Li Yuxuan, who was on bail, was one of the Hong Kong rioters.

Li Yuxuan from Hong Kong media

After the news that Li Yuxuan and others had failed to escape, Qiu chuizheng, spokesman of the Taiwan Land Affairs Commission, held a press conference on the afternoon of 27th to respond to the incident. He told the Hong Kong rioters that he should bear criminal responsibility if he went to Taiwan illegally.

Taiwan media: Five Hong Kong Independence elements drifted to Dongsha and were resettled to Kaohsiung by Taiwan authorities

Since the implementation of the Hong Kong national security law, many participants in Hong Kong have chosen to cross over to Taiwan for shelter. Taiwans China times held that in mid 7, a ship carrying 5 Hongkong demonstrators wanted to ferry to Taiwan privately. It was caught by the Taiwan coast guard department for oil rafting to the Dongsha Islands. The 5 people were placed in Kaohsiung. But the DPP authorities were low-key and sealed down to prohibit the news from going out.

According to people familiar with the matter, the five Hong Kong Independence elements were sent to Kaohsiung for resettlement, and their isolation has ended. It is understood that Wu Zhongqian, 24, who was once charged with four crimes, including riots and assaulting police, was also charged with the crime of possessing offensive weapons or tools for illegal use, and Wen Jiajian, 21, who broke into the Hong Kong Legislative Council last year. Wen Jiajian, who failed to appear in court, issued an arrest warrant in June this year.

According to the China times, it is understood that the five people who came to Taiwan privately made it very difficult for the CAI authorities. If they were taken in as political asylum, they might fall into the pretext of colluding with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security in the national security law of Hong Kong. However, if they were sent back to Hong Kong, they would be arrested immediately, contrary to the Democratic Progressive Partys political stance of supporting Hong Kong A seal password is issued to ask the message not to flow out.