Microsoft: will not let Windows 10 affect SSD life

 Microsoft: will not let Windows 10 affect SSD life

There is a bug in the disk defragmenter utility application in Windows 102004 that causes the system to groom SSDs a little too often, which may shorten their lifespan. Under normal circumstances, the application will send the retrim command regularly according to the default schedule or the schedule set by the user, which helps the hard disk write more effectively. It also defragments the SSD once a month. Although it is rarely necessary, it can still play a certain role in some scenarios, mainly due to the inherent limitations of the NT file system.

After windows 10 was updated and installed in May, 2020, the defragmenter does not mark that it has scheduled to defragment the SSD of the computer. Depending on the frequency of rebooting the computer, it may eventually repeat it many times, which is detrimental to the high-density flash cells in most consumer SSDs.

If youre not sure, you can fix the problem temporarily by disabling Automatic Defragmentation.

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