Huawei P40 series super perception image u00b7 Art Co creation image exhibition opened

 Huawei P40 series super perception image u00b7 Art Co creation image exhibition opened

Why choose to use Huawei P40 series to shoot art blockbusters? Li Xiaoliang shared his views on the scene. The mobile phone has the convenience of what you see is what you get . In my life, there are pictures that touch me with my mobile phone record almost every day. The biggest advantage of mobile phone is that it is the nearest portable camera , which can quickly capture and practice new ideas emerging at any time. Li Xiaoliang expressed his understanding of mobile phone art blockbusters.

Exhibition of three top fashion womens magazines opens art journey of super perception image

Entering the theme image exhibition area of super perception image u00b7 Art Co creation on the second floor of hall 1 of todays Art Museum, the breath of art fashion is coming. High end and simple color design, light and shade with rank and shade and immersive exhibition layout design make the audience feel as if they are in a full style art exhibition and enjoy an image adventure beyond vision and perception. The exhibition is divided into three main theme spaces: photographers work exhibition area, surreal space and user selected works exhibition area. Here, you can not only enjoy and experience vogue, Elle and fashion bazaar, but also cooperate with professional photographers to use Huaweis P40 series hand-held machines to shoot images such as aninner room space and order and strange natrain time trajectory Besides, the surreal space interactive experience area also restores Li Xiaoliangs creation space offline, which greatly increases the interactivity and interest of the exhibition. On the opening day of the event, surreal space attracted many fashion artists Clock in experience, set off the climax of this exhibition.

Open the boundary of perception with image force and let art approach the public

Why choose three top fashion womens magazines to interpret super perception image? Images are moved by sensibility. Women are more likely to record the moving moments and important moments in life from a perceptual perspective. They are naturally sensitive and have a more delicate understanding of the world. When it comes to the moving photography works, the photographer Sanchuns image work the track of time in strangeronatrain in this exhibition conveys a very delicate and rich emotion. It tells a train heading for the end of time and space, a group of young tourists who are not familiar with each other, and an unexpected strange story. In a limited space, Sanchun uses the 5 times optical zoom of Huawei p40pro to take photos The head and the movie camera with super wide angle function can compress or enlarge the space skillfully in the limited compartment, so that the picture scene changes are full of tension. When shooting, p40pro makes full use of powerful hardware and chip computing power to present better pictures in texture, detail, color, depth of field, dynamic range and other dimensions. The relationship between the characters in the story is perfectly narrated by the pictures full of details, so that the audience can make up a lot of dialogues and stories through the delicate expressions and expressions captured by Sanchun.

The significance of moving images is that because of the existence of photography, the memories and precious moments that were once neglected in life are preserved, said Sanchun. It is an important habit for photographers to record the moments that are moved. Especially through this shooting, we found that Huaweis P40 series functions make such records more timely and rich, presenting the most artistic moments to the public. .

In addition to the image works of well-known photographers landing in todays Art Museum theme art exhibition, what is more gratifying is that the P40 super perception image work collection activity, which is widely participated by the whole people, has also been on the art museum today for the first time, and presented to the public in the form of art exhibition.

The upper limit of mobile image is a more complete focal length and larger sensor, which helps more professional photographers to obtain more ideal shooting and creation. Huawei P series always explores and pays attention to the you behind the lens, and Ta better empowers the public, so that every one of you has the right to save beautiful moments and artistic creation anytime and anywhere.

From August 16 to August 30, we visited Huawei P40 series super perception image u00b7 Art Co creation image exhibition in todays Art Museum, and went to a super perception image art tour.