Up and down Beijing Wangfu Peninsula Boutique opens

 Up and down Beijing Wangfu Peninsula Boutique opens

The store includes the latest fashion works of up and down fall / winter 2020, such as clothing, bags, jewelry, etc., as well as classic home furnishing and furniture series, as well as a display area for treasures, which reflects the extraordinary strength and outstanding achievements of SHANGXIA in the field of Contemporary design and craftsmanship.

(the opening of SHANGXIA Wangfu Peninsula retail space)

Liu Xiaowei, CFO of SHANGXIA, Wang Jihong, director of brand marketing, and Vincent pimont, general manager of Beijing Wangfu Peninsula Hotel, jointly cut the ribbon to witness the grand opening of SHANGXIA Wangfu Peninsula retail space.

The master of paper cutting taught guests to cut Koi patterns on site, echoing the series of silhouettes and spring carp of this season, and also brought the up and down Koi home with good luck.

Selected products

Moon series leather bags

Inspired by the exquisite Chinese bamboo basket, SHANGXIA creates a series of three-dimensional woven leather bags, which are made of three-dimensional leather goods and simulate the texture and structure of the bamboo basket. The creative detail design surpasses the previous experience of leather goods production. The Moon series makes two different crafts collide, talk and blend in the same time and space, which brings new challenges to the craft production and brings new effects.

Bridge series tea set with bamboo thread

Dadiandi series carbon fiber chair

The light and hard properties of carbon fiber materials provide new possibilities for furniture production. SHANGXIA reinterprets the dadiandi series furniture with carbon fiber materials, and boldly simplifies the detailed features of traditional Ming style furniture layer by layer, making it thinner, lighter and thinner to the maximum extent, creating this concept furniture beyond daily experience.

Big world tea table

Sculpture series cashmere felt clothing

A series of up and down and sculpture Cashmere felt clothing requires craftsmen with great ingenuity to spend several months shaping felt clothes in the form of sculpture, just like the art displayed in their hands. The cashmere is constantly kneaded, pressed, rubbed and shaped. Finally, it is molded into a whole piece of three-dimensional felt clothing, which is like a sculpture art, seamless and natural.

Ruyuan series jewelry

Inspired by Taihu stone, the Ruyuan series perfectly integrates the landscape and landscape through 18K white gold, diamonds and rubies in the pendant. The lines are exquisite, exquisite and transparent, reflecting the bright light. Every angle is a landscape.

SHANGXIA is committed to inheriting Chinese exquisite traditional handicrafts, rooted in traditional culture and facing the contemporary and future. Through innovative and subversive design, it can return to contemporary life, transform decoration into practical contemporary art, blend the essence of eastern and Western culture, and shape the contemporary Oriental elegant life aesthetics.

The products cover six categories of furniture, home furnishings, clothing, leather goods, jewelry and accessories. Each product tells a gorgeous and simple noble lifestyle, and every innovation brings surprise and pleasure

Source: Netease fashion editor: Liu Xu_ NQ7809