Gao Yuanyuan has been infatuated with him for 5 years, Qu Ying has not married him for 11 years: Zhang Yadongs secret past

 Gao Yuanyuan has been infatuated with him for 5 years, Qu Ying has not married him for 11 years: Zhang Yadongs secret past

Zhang Yadong loves playing the piano and Cao Fang loves dancing.

In the eyes of others, they are gifted scholars and beautiful women.

Zhang Yadong is indifferent to other girls, only to Cao Fang, smiling face.

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When eating, Zhang Yadong will take the initiative to help her cook.

Cao Fang knew that Zhang Yadong was obsessed with music and bought a guitar for more than 1000 yuan to give to each other.

Young people in small towns, accompanied by their girlfriends, have a beautiful and full life.

Zhang Yadong didnt think about it, so he married Cao Fang home.

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At that time, they were so determined.

As the oath says:

I will marry you and be my wife. I would like to promise you that from today on, I will always love you and cherish you until the end of the earth.

Within a few years, Cao Fang had a baby.

Its time to be quiet, you love me. Zhang Yadong was not satisfied with literature and art.

Life in a small town made him look at the head.

This young man who took the green train from Datong to Beijing all night just to buy Luo Dayous new album suddenly sprouted unwilling.

The outside world is changing with each passing day.

In the 1990s, Beijing is ushering in the golden age of rock music.

Like some kind of inspiration, Zhang Yadong couldnt stop his bold ideas.

The wife refused. Parents blame.

But Zhang Yadong left.

Hometown and love, he left behind.

With it, it is not understood.

And the long night in the basement of Beijing.

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Every kind of idealism needs to pay a certain price.

After all, Beijing is not so easy to mix with.

Zhang Yadong lives in the basement of the song and dance troupe.

Narrow and dim space is his only home.

Zhang Yadong is wrapped in a quilt and holding a light bulb to keep warm.

He didnt have money. He ate the last meal and worried about the next.

He kept smoking.

Eat the cheapest instant noodles when you are hungry.

Its enough to endure.

My stomach is bad, too.

It was cut off by a third.

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No matter how hard he suffered for his ideal, Zhang Yadong did not want to shrink back.

His wife repeatedly advised him to go home, but he never compromised.

In 1994, Cao Fang sent a divorce agreement.

Zhang Yadong refused.

He knew that his wife was determined.

Since then, he has no worries and really drifted in Beijing.

His mother is a Jin opera actor.

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Under the influence of his native family, he learned cello at the age of 8 and composed music at the age of 13.

This is the evaluation of Zhang Yadongs former leaders.

Brilliant talent.

Therefore, they are unwilling to be trapped in small cities.

Such a musical genius was finally seen by Dou Wei.

Dou Wei set up the black dream band and asked Zhang Yadong to be a keyboard player.

After the release, more than 70000 copies were sold at one go.

Dou Wei was shocked.

He immediately recommended Zhang Yadong to his wife, Wang Fei.

In 1996, a piece of impetuousness pushed Faye Wong to the position of singing Queen.

Many years later, Wang Fei recalled Zhang Yadong and said excitedly:

I appreciate him very much. From the first time he wrote the first song to me, I like it very much

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More singers began to look for the door.

Pu Shu, Mo Wenwei, Wang Feng, Zhang Liangying, Liu Ruoying, Li Yuchun, Lin Yilian

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In 2006, he started his own company.

I bought a house for my brother back home.

In those years, he had sixpence and saw the moon.

Only, in love, he shuttles between the flowers.

He showed mercy everywhere.

He was accused of being romantic.

Some people think he is affectionate.

In 2000, Gao Yuanyuan went to Wang Feis studio to find friends.

Through the transparent glass, she saw the boy standing inside.

The profile is well defined.

Tall, thin.

The temperament is elegant.

The slanting bangs covered the boys eyes, but his heart was pounding.

She couldnt help asking her friends, who is that man?

The friend said, Zhang Yadong, music producer.

Since then, Zhang Yadongs name has been recorded in her heart.

Coincidentally, Zhang Yadong also saw Gao Yuanyuan.

On that day, they fell in love at first sight.

The video studio on the edge of the North Third Ring Road has become a place where the two love each other.

Gao Yuanyuan said that Zhang Yadong is like a plant with cool and fragrant flavor.

In the interview, when the host mentioned Zhang Yadong, she would show a shy smile.

Hes the way I like to be, tall, thin, and playing music.

On Valentines day, Gao Yuanyuan also wrote a letter to express his love.

By the way, is it Valentines day?

You dont know. I think it should be. I suddenly feel funny. I cant remember what weve been doing for the past five Valentines days.

But it doesnt matter. I remember every moment of your life and your appearance. Do you know what I like best?

I like the way you hide in your scarf, the way you play the piano, the way you walk (I want to imitate you), and the way you read the three of us to me...

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Every word is filled with the worship, joy and tenderness of a girl.

She was in a good mood when the crew returned home with praise.

Under the reporters questioning, she confessed that she and Zhang Yadong had been in love for 5 years and had the idea of getting married.

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Sadly, Zhang Yadong has never mentioned her in public.

But Gao Yuanyuan doesnt care about all this.

What Zhang Yadong doesnt want to do, she never asks for it.

She can not be Valentines day, not romantic and surprise.

For her, the biggest expectation is to receive Zhang Yadongs proposal one day.

Unfortunately, Gao Yuanyuan finally came to the end of the lonely relationship.

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Zhang Yadong has been accused of cheating.

Gao Yuanyuan stood up and said:

Between the two, there is no resentment and blame.

Gao Yuanyuan also repeatedly stressed that it has nothing to do with betrayal and nothing to do with cheating.

Although breaking up, Zhang Yadong left Gao Yuanyuan with only beautiful nostalgiau2014u2014

That day, the sun was just right.

When I first met, I got up the courage to ask my friend for his phone number.

My friend laughed and said to me, coincidentally, he just asked me for your phone number.

Not long after they parted, Zhang Yadong turned and took Qu Yings hand.

No one would have thought that it would be 11 years.

At that time, Qu Ying was a very popular model actor.

The first Chinese actress to appear on the cover of international magazine vouge.

After Qu Ying set foot in the music circle, Zhang Yadong gave a lot of help in making music.

As they came and went, their feelings grew deeper and deeper.

They will join hands as lovers.

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When the reporter mentioned Qu Ying, Zhang Yadong would also gently praise his girlfriends talent in singing.

Ill take time to teach her to play the guitar.

Qu Ying is a Hunan girl with a straight personality.

After falling in love with Zhang Yadong, she was out of work for a long time.

She said faintly: my husband keeps it. I have a lot of confidence.

This feeling is Zhang Yadongs most serious period in the eyes of the outside world.

The public have also joined the ranks of marriage promotion.

However, Zhang Yadongs most contradictory is the word marriage.

Later, Zhang Yadong helped Mo Wenwei make music, and there was another scandal.

The media reporters made a lot of reports.

Qu Ying stood up to speak for Zhang Yadong

Unfortunately, at the end of the story, the story ends.

Zhang Yadong loves Qu Ying, but he still cant give her an engagement.

In 2017, this 11 year relationship ended.

Do you mean Zhang Yadongs slag?

But for most women, Zhang Yadong is still a charming jerk.

Only love, not marriage, ambiguous constantly.

This kind of behavior can completely put him in the ranks of men who are most resistant to women.

The reality is the opposite.

He became the man a girl wanted to marry.

On Weibo, everyone said:

No one doesnt want to marry Zhang Yadong! No one!

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There is no doubt that Zhang Yadongs talent is the reason why he didnt fall into the altar.

He plays the guitar.

play the drum.

Sing in a low voice.

Im 51 years old. I dont see any greasy smell.

He is as young as park Shu.

Wear canvas, step on drums.

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There was also a real elegance in him.

He seldom talks hard to others.

I dont want to hurt anyone with words.

Therefore, in the summer of the band, his catchphrase became especially good.

However, he made fun of himself. In fact, there was but behind particularly good.

He is a senior, but he has no airs.

In his understanding, to give young people opportunities is to give more opportunities to rock music.

Similarly, his vulnerability is often seen by the public.

When he heard penicillin sing the song Newboy by park Shu in 2000, he could not help but wet his eyes.

He is a nostalgic after all.

At that time, I was young and could stay up all night to make records.

Now full of silver hair, I dare not wait for the early morning sun to wake up and go to sleep.

At that time, he was full of blood and did everything to be himself in music.

Now gradually lost the joy of creation, the individual has been slowly swallowed by the times.

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When he talked with Xu Zhiyuan, he expressed the loss and regret of the whole industry.

Now the whole industry needs navigation. Without navigation, you cant write songs.

All the things that are in front of him today are enough to make him anxious.

He is at the age of destiny.

Still concerned about the persistence of idealists.

He hated everything that was allied.

I dont want to go with the tide.

More inclined to live in the past.

Love is more like a dispensable thing to him.

For those women who have broken their hearts for him, he may only have a light wordu2014u2014

One should live with love.

But its not necessarily a living thing. If you love someone, she may change her mind. Love a pet, it may die.

You must choose something that wont leave you. My choice is to love music.