A two-year-old boy was dragged to a dislocated kindergarten by a kindergarten teacher to pay 500 million yuan?

 A two-year-old boy was dragged to a dislocated kindergarten by a kindergarten teacher to pay 500 million yuan?

Full time nursery

Recently, the child was dislocated and his fingers bruised

Ms. Wang found out after checking the monitoring

Childs arm dislocation teacher: after leaving the kindergarten

When the child was 13 months old

Ms. Wang sent her son to her home

Beihao kindergarten

Full time nursery

After the outbreak, the shift was restarted

Children return to the kindergarten for normal classes

But on August 6th

The child behaved abnormally when he came home

Ms. Wang contacted kindergarten for information

But the teacher said that everything was normal while the child was in the garden

Its just a bad appetite

When Ms. Wang asked to see the monitor

The garden did not agree

Said they would inform the results after self inspection

When dad goes to pick up the baby

No exception

The child was injured after leaving the garden

Two days later, I was injured. Surveillance showed that it was related to the teacher

The child had another accident at the nursery school

This time, the school directly sent the child to the doctor

Two injuries in 3 days

Ms. Wang repeatedly asked to check the monitoring

Even called the police

After checking the monitoring, we found that

The dislocation of the child is actually related to the operation of the teacher

Incident monitoring video

It can be clearly seen in the monitoring

The child dislocated due to the teachers pulling action

And the baby was crying a lot

Protecting your right hand with your left hand means youre injured

Instead, he kept asking if he was looking for his mother

The park paid 50000 yuan, but it was written in the agreement?

The kindergarten acknowledged responsibility for the childs injury

Refund the tuition fees that have not been read subsequently

And during the epidemic period, the total tuition was about 100000

Another 50000 will be compensated

But four days later

The plan was overturned

Yuanfang said

The teacher has the qualification of both kindergarten teacher and nursery teacher

The accident was an accident

The garden has already sent a telegram

Another 50000 yuan will be paid

However, in the agreement issued by the other party

Its 500 million?

If it is true that this amount

The attitude of doing things

Well, is that serious?


In addition, the reporter inquired in the Shanghai care service management platform for children under 3 years old, and found that Beihao kindergarten was suspected not to have the qualification of child care.

The reporter also called the Minhang District nursery service guidance center, the other side said that the education department had received the relevant report and intervened in the investigation.

Minhang District nursery service and guidance center