Jiuba village, Linzhi: 3000 meters above sea level? Sweet life grows

 Jiuba village, Linzhi: 3000 meters above sea level? Sweet life grows

Following her footsteps, the reporter came to a neat plastic greenhouse, where strawberry seedlings were being cultivated. This is a treasure for our village to become rich, zazan said with a smile. Strawberries have become a cash cow, and life is getting sweeter and sweeter.

Zhasang is a villager of jiuba village, gengzhangmenba Ethnic Township, Bayi District, Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region.

Dobuje said that in 2006, the village tried to grow watermelon, wax gourd, vegetables and other cash crops, but the income was not good, and the villagers enthusiasm was hit.

In 2007, the fifth group of cadres from Guangdong Province came here to lead villagers to Sichuan and Guangdong for investigation, introduced strawberry seedlings, and sent technical personnel to help build strawberry greenhouses and teach strawberry planting techniques. From then on, jiuba village began to develop strawberry planting industry.

In order not to leave anyone behind, in 2009, jiuba village strawberry farmers and herdsmen professional cooperative was established, which attracted more than 60 people from 16 poor households. In 2010, jiuba village realized a greenhouse for each household. By planting strawberries, jiuba village has achieved poverty alleviation in 2016.

The high altitude of 3000 meters brings inconvenience to the life here, but also gives it the unique advantages of natural resources. WangDui, director of the jiuba village committee, said that the strawberries in jiuba village are big and sweet. Strawberries are sold for 40 yuan a catty in the market, and 50 yuan a catty for picking in the greenhouse. At present, there are 56 strawberry greenhouses in jiuba village, each with an area of 0.8 Mu and an annual yield of more than 56000 Jin.

WangDui introduced that in order to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, jiuba village also built a 4 + 1 strawberry greenhouse construction project, and built 10 steel frame strawberry seedling greenhouses. The project is organized by the cooperatives to plant and cultivate strawberry seedlings in the form of labor and labor. The annual income of two poor families is increased by 6500 yuan. These 10 strawberry seedling greenhouses not only reduce the cost of strawberry planting, but also fill in the blank of strawberry seedling field in Nyingchi City, laying the foundation for building a complete industrial chain of strawberry seedling planting sales in the future.

In the future, we will make the strawberry seedling, sales and processing one-stop industry bigger and stronger. In addition, we will try to develop cherry picking garden and create a farm tourism industry. Dobuje said.

Today, more than 100 mu of fruit trees have been planted in jiuba village, including apple pear, apple, cherry, cheriki and so on. The economic and social benefits are very significant. There are an endless stream of tourists to jiuba village. The original small mountain village has become a business card of Linzhi tourism.