Panther dies and rushes to twitter hot search

 Panther dies and rushes to twitter hot search

This heartbreaking news made Netizens feel sorry.

Rest in peace, my king.

Rest in peace

There are also netizens who use the movie line wakanda forever to mourn the king.

Rest in peace, long live vacanda

Netizens also thought of the NBA star Kobe, who died in a plane crash at the beginning of this year, and posted a group photo of the two.

If I told you that two legends would die in the same year, you wouldnt believe me...

Two giants lost in a year. We will always remember you, rest in peace.

Netizens also praised that the film Panther starred by Bosman is not only a film, but also an inspiration to the black community.

2020 takes away some people who shouldnt have left. Long live vacanda. Its not just a movie, its an inspiration to the black community, and you did it. Rest in peace.

Mourning for black leopard article source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788

Mourning for Panther