The man killed his girlfriend with a brick, but left a message in the circle of friends: kill her, dont regret it

 The man killed his girlfriend with a brick, but left a message in the circle of friends: kill her, dont regret it

The reporter of Modern Express noticed that several videos and pictures of men smashing women with bricks were circulated in the circle of friends at 9:00 p.m. on August 28.

The reporter noticed that the video circulated on the Internet showed that the man in the white coat smashed the woman in the white dress with a brick. The woman was shot to the ground and tried to raise her head. The man picked up the broken brick and hit the womans head several times. After the broken brick jumped away, the man ran to two or three meters away to pick up the brick and continued to smash it at the womans head.

In another video, you can see blood splashing all over the scene. The brick beside the womans head is more than ten centimeters in length and width, which is suspected to be a road stone.

The suspected man has long had the idea of committing murder on the Internet. The suspect man sent many messages about his smashing his girlfriend in his wechat circle of friends, bluntly saying I killed tonight and Du, who has been killed by me with a brick. All the suspected men were equipped with a single photo of a man.

u0394 men leave messages in the circle of friends

In addition, the suspect man seems to explain why he wanted to murder Du. Information shows that the two have been in contact for many years. How much did I pay for him (her) in Nanjing? He (she) is following me to Changzhou. Open a room with another man. Oh, I cant stand it. So kill him tonight. Oh, no regrets.

u0394 men leave messages in the circle of friends

The reporter contacted Lanling police station in Tianning District, Changzhou. The police said that the matter was under investigation and would give a police briefing on the 29th. On the morning of the 29th, Changzhou police official Bo informed the case.

The report said: at 19:29 on August 28, Lanling police station received a report saying that a man broke a womans head with a brick in the parking lot of Yinhe bay computer city in Lanling district and fled the scene. The police immediately rushed to the scene for treatment and contacted 120 to give first aid to the injured woman, who died after ineffective rescue. After the incident, Changzhou City and district public security organs attached great importance to it, immediately carried out the investigation work, and arrested the suspect ye at 21:15 p.m.

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A man killed his girlfriend with a brick, but left a message in his circle of friends: kill her, dont regret it (source: Modern Express)

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On January 21, 2020, a homicide case occurred in Huaning County, Yunnan Province. Wei Mou, a man with a murder weapon, climbed the wall and turned the window to enter the house of her ex girlfriend Huang Yus current boyfriend in the early morning, causing one death and one injury.

Huang Yu, the former girlfriend of Wei, was also the victim of the incident. She was later identified as slightly injured. On August 23, she was interviewed by Ziniu news reporter of Yangzi Evening News. She recalled that the incident happened on that day and was still in deep fear. I didnt expect that after only two months of love, she caused such a big disaster.

At about 5:00 a.m. that day, Wei sent a message to his colleagues, I missed it, goodbye, Im screwed up, Im going to die..

After the crime, Wei went back to Shuige community by climbing the wall. He abandoned his tools. At more than 5 oclock that day, accompanied by his family, he voluntarily surrendered to the public security organ.

Mr. Zhang, who graduated from sports school, has made great achievements in boxing competitions in China and Yunnan Province. At the time of the crime, he was a truck driver carrying sand.

For Weis performance in the trial, Huang Yu also believed that the other side did not have any repentance, some were just sophistry. After I ran out of the scene, my boyfriend had only one knife in his neck, but when the police showed me the scene, the room was very messy, blood was everywhere, and there were 14 wounds. I think he must have turned back to the scene twice and had a second injury.

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Man smashes his girlfriend to death