[happy flowers bloom in the new frontier] in lemenba Ethnic Township, the real life on the border is like this

 [happy flowers bloom in the new frontier] in lemenba Ethnic Township, the real life on the border is like this

Lemenba ethnic township is located in the southwest of Cuona County, bordering on India in the South and bhutan in the West. It is one of the main border towns in the country and one of the main settlements of the Menba ethnic minority.

In 2017, the completion of the new characteristic town of Lecun made lemenba ethnic township the second characteristic small town in Tibet after Lulang town. Lemenba ethnic township is a semi agricultural and semi pastoral Township, with an average altitude of 2350 meters. Due to its unique geographical location and climate conditions, it can grow high-quality plateau tea. Therefore, tourism and tea have become the two carriages to promote the economic development of the whole township.

Relying on the local tourism policy, local farmers and herdsmen have set up shops and farmhouses at home, earning 70000 yuan a year.

There are six people in Gu Rus family. Before running farmhouse, the family made a living by planting tea on the mountain. At the same time, they also ran a snack bar in the village. In 2018, the pilot construction project of Le Village new characteristic town was completed and put into use, with each household raising 250000 yuan, and the construction of 24 residential houses was completed. In the same year, Gu Ru opened the farm entertainment and took the lead in providing all kinds of payment methods in the village.

At the end of the days busy, Gu Rus daughters family jumped rope at the door of their house, which was very happy

Lemenba ethnic township also contains rich national culture of Menba opera, such as ajilam, Sama wine song, Menba clothing and Menba wooden bowl. When guests arrive, Gu Rus daughter will organize the village women to wear traditional Menba costumes and dance around the bonfire to welcome tourists from afar.

The 64 year old mother was once the most difficult person in the village. As she was the only one in the family, she had to hobble up the mountain to herd sheep.

In 2013, a tea cooperative was set up in lemenba ethnic township. Through renting tea fields, working in tea cooperatives and related subsidies, the mother can earn more than 40000 yuan a year. Watching every family in the village open a Happy Farmhouse, although the mothers legs are not convenient, but also slowly clean up the home, waiting to receive tourists.

Nowadays, relying on the unique ecological environment, more and more tourists come to lemenba ethnic township to roam in this natural oxygen bar. The farmers and herdsmen of lemenba ethnic township have also eaten the tourism meal, embarked on the rich road, and lived a new life, realizing the beautiful vision of the construction on the mountain side is better than that on the other side of the mountain and the border people live a good life.