Four? Cecilia Cheung showed up with loose clothes and a protruding abdomen

 Four? Cecilia Cheung showed up with loose clothes and a protruding abdomen

She kept posing to the camera and smiling all the time. She suddenly turned around and lifted up her suit coat. It was this action that made her waist curve fully displayed in front of everyone. It was also because of this that she raised her abdomen obviously. It can be seen that Cecilia Cheungs abdomen is obviously round, which looks like a pregnant belly. For a while, netizens cant help but comment and guess: is this pregnant with four children?

At the end of 2018, Cecilia Cheung published an article announcing the birth of three children and a cartoon portrait of a family of four. But from the beginning to the end, the identity of the father of the third child was not revealed. The Hong Kong media have published the birth certificate of Cecilia Cheungs third child son, but the column of father is blank. Therefore, there have been doubts about Cecilia Cheungs status as the father of his third child on the Internet. However, Cecilia Cheungs attitude is extremely firm and has never disclosed half of the information.

In fact, not long after the birth of her third son, Cecilia Cheung said in an interview that she would continue to have children. She also said that she wanted to have a daughter many times. She even disclosed in the live broadcast that she would become the mother of four children. Nowadays, Cecilia Cheung has suspected that she has four children. Netizens are also happy for her after being shocked. However, whether the four children are true has not been answered by Cecilia Cheung.

Cecilia Cheungs belly bulge is suspected of having four children. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788

Cecilia Cheung is suspected of having four children