The freshmen in Hangzhou are called chocolate bean and Yu Shu Linfeng This class of parents is very good

 The freshmen in Hangzhou are called chocolate bean and Yu Shu Linfeng This class of parents is very good

Some time ago, the private primary schools in Hangzhou were assigned computer places for admission, and the first batch of admission lists were announced one after another. The reporter counted the list of freshmen and found many interesting names.

For example, the witty and sweet chocolate bean, the romantic Zheng Xianyu, the Yu Shu Linfeng, the poetic and Buddhist jilaizhi, the simple and easy to remember weekend, summer and Mashang It is not difficult to see that this class of parents have become more and more imaginative.

Parents are getting younger and younger. They pursue individuality. As long as they are pleasant and interesting, they will give their children various names. Unlike in the past, names should be full of deep meaning, but now they advocate individuality and nature.

Boys parents are fond of Zixuan, Zirui and Zihang, while female parents prefer Zixuan and Zihan. In addition, Zimo is also favored by many parents.

In the past, ting, Na and Yan in the names of girls have been gradually replaced by Yi, Zi, Yu, Yan. In the list released by Hangzhou new century foreign language school, there are three girls named Zixin, Ziyi and Zirui.

Male parents prefer Chen, Yu, Xuan, Rui, Hao, hang. From the list, many names are arranged and combined with these words.

Speaking of the students names, Zhou Hui, vice principal of Jingcheng experimental school, said that among the children, there are still quite a lot of Qiongyao names. Zi, Zi, Zi, Han, Han, Xuan, Xuan appear more frequently, which makes the names in the class more classical and traditional. However, because of the trend of flooding, parents have begun to avoid these words as much as possible. Mr. Zhou said.

More and more children are named after their parents surnames

After Mr. Zhous instruction, we went to the list again and found many new double character surnames. For example, Cao Gu Xi Yu, Wang AI Chu Yu, Chen Lu hang, Chen Lou Hao

The name Wanggu Tianyu contains the surnames of both parents. Ms. Wang, the mother of xiaotianyu, told us that Tianyu was the second eldest. There was also a brother named Gu wangchu, who had his fathers surname. When he was pregnant, the two families agreed that he should take his mothers surname.

The childs name is also a kind of memory of our husband and wifes feelings, so the eldest used Valley king , and the second used Wang Gu. . For a boy, he wanted to be a man of his own accord in the future, so he took Tianyu. The old people on both sides are very open-minded. They think the name is very good and wont duplicate it. At this point, Ms. Wang smiles sweetly.

Its not uncommon for a child with a four character name to be with Ms. Wang. She said, I have a lot of second child mothers, and the second child always adds their parents surnames together. Some of them have three characters, some use homophony to put the family name of one parent into their first name, and some are four character, just like my family

Wang Gu Tianyu himself doesnt think his name is any different. There are other children in the kindergarten whose names are four characters, and we have them in our community. He has been used to it. Ms. Wang said calmly that maybe this is a trend, and there will be more and more four character names in the future.

Nine of the new head teachers are called Fan Bingbing

At the same time when the freshmen enter the school, every year there will be a lot of young new teachers on the platform, the names of these teachers also have distinctive characteristics.

Zhou Hui said: there are a lot of reduplicated characters in the names of post-95 teachers. In 2019, of the 86 new class teachers in Xiacheng primary and secondary schools, 9 are called Fan Bingbing. This kind of name is not only easier to remember, but also more friendly to call. Children and parents will kindly call Bingbing teacher, which is very warm.

The parents meeting of freshmen has a party feeling

At the beginning of the new semester, for many first-year parents, novice on the road, inevitably have many questions.

Today (August 29), the lakeside Primary School of Xiaoshan District will hold a lakeside question and answer night in Xiaoshan opera house. It sounds like the name of a party, but its actually a new parents meeting. The school teachers and the representatives of the old students answer the representative questions of the parents of the new students. This unique approach has attracted the attention of many parents.

As early as a week ago, Hubin primary school on the school official micro release news: lakeside question and answer night, waiting for you to ask!

Wechat uses the most popular poster form now, inviting parents to ask questions, and the copywriting is also very good. For example, the school puts forward that the process of childrens growth is the process of constantly solving problems.

This wechat resonates with many people. Under wechat, parents left a lot of questions. Some problems are very common.

What does the school think of children rushing to attend interest classes after school every day? Childrens writing requires perfection. If they are wrong, they should be wiped out and rewritten. Sometimes, with a little emotion, how can parents enlighten them? (my father came to ask questions)

Almost all of them go to bed after 9 oclock in the evening. How to adjust better and how to do things with low learning efficiency leads to procrastination. As soon as the children go to primary school, do their parents have to be accompanied by one to learn well? Does one of your parents have to leave the workplace? (asked by Cai Yihans mother)

Childrens height is relatively high, there is no advantage in arranging seats, sitting in the back row is easy to distract attention. In this case, what is the better way for teachers to let children focus? (asked by Chen Qians mother)

As parents, how to help their children with some psychological problems, such as timidity, anxiety, fatigue and so on. (asked by Jiang Juns mother)

Wang Chunmei, vice principal of the school, introduced that senior teachers, parents and representatives of senior students selected seven representative questions to answer at the freshmen meeting. Other personalized questions, also in the later stage, some teachers continue to answer.

For example, many children have problems with listening, speaking, reading and writing, what happened in school, they cant explain clearly when they go home, they tarry in homework, and they dont read enough extra-curricular books.

Wang Chunmei said: at the new students parents meeting, the school will also release the lakeside stone soup plan. The inspiration comes from the picture book stone soup . The picture book says that I am willing to export the pot, he is willing to give some firewood, you have carrots, I have tomatoes Our school will integrate all kinds of resources around the school, contribute a nutrition for the stone soup, and create a better growth environment for children.

Many primary schools in Hangzhou hold parents meeting

In the past two days, many primary schools are holding parents meetings.

Yesterday afternoon, the modern experimental primary school held a new students parents meeting, and the school teachers met with their parents. President Zhang Gang made a speech on the theme of growing up with the best taste of myself. Zhang said that the modern experimental primary school is a fine, warm and happy primary school. He elaborated the connotation of the three elements of consensus, common learning and co creation, hoping that the family and school will work together to create a better future.

Shenglan experimental primary school also held a parents meeting on August 23, which introduced the problems that should be paid attention to in the process of connecting young and primary schools, as well as the problems that should be paid attention to in epidemic prevention, and gave the brochures to parents: for example, father and mother, who is better to manage childrens learning? School teachers suggest that the best choice is who is more willing to take care of children. For example, at the beginning of primary school, children should understand that they will start a new life, have new tasks and need to make efforts, but it may be very interesting.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }The primary school Department of Guancheng experimental school and Guancheng Wulin primary school are the schools that held the parents meeting earlier this year. The parents of the new students from the two schools held a meeting together in the Grand Theater of Guancheng experimental school. At the new students parents meeting, the school invited Professor Gao yabing to give a special lecture on how parents can help children connect with their children. The old, middle-aged and young teachers came to the stage to meet their parents. As the father of a new freshman, Mr. Yu attended the parents meeting: when I heard the list of freshmen read out and the name of his son was mentioned, I had a different feeling in my heart. Time flies really fast. I wish the children can grow up quickly and healthily. Source: Hangzhou news editor: Yu changzong_ NBJ11145

As the father of a new freshman, Mr. Yu attended the parents meeting: when I heard the list of freshmen read out and the name of his son was mentioned, I had a different feeling in my heart. Time flies really fast. I wish the children can grow up quickly and healthily.