Focus interview: what is the meaning behind this ceremony full of glory and mission?

 Focus interview: what is the meaning behind this ceremony full of glory and mission?

Subsequently, general secretary Xi Jinping gave instructions. In his speech, the general secretary made a precise positioning of the Chinese peoples police, highly summarized the tasks and missions, fully affirmed the important contributions made by the peoples police in maintaining social stability, national security and protecting peoples interests. At the same time, he put forward four requirements for the peoples police in the new era: loyalty to the party, service to the people, justice in law enforcement, strict discipline, and serving the people The construction of the police force provides a fundamental follow-up. The peoples police who took part in the flag giving ceremony took a collective oath.

Zhang Ming, a spokesman for the Ministry of public security, said: the establishment of the police flag of the Chinese peoples police has further improved the peoples polices symbol system and honor system, and has further encouraged us to continuously promote the construction of the public security team in terms of revolution, standardization, specialization and professionalization. It is also conducive to improving the cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness of the public security team. General secretary Xi Jinping gave the flag to the peoples police force and gave instructions, which fully reflected the Central Committees attention to the work of public security and the care and encouragement of the peoples police force at the core of Comrade Xi Jinping.

Li Yan, vice president and professor of Marxism school of the peoples Public Security University of China, said: this flag giving ceremony can also be said to be a very vivid education of the peoples police professional honor ceremony. Solemn, solemn and standardized etiquette procedures and paradigms have a subtle edification and sublimation effect on improving the professional spirit and awareness of the peoples police, and are of great significance to further enhance the polices sense of professional honor, professional responsibility and mission, and enhance their cohesion and combat effectiveness.

Wu Yong is mainly responsible for public security prevention and control in Gonghe community. Gonghe community belongs to the central urban area of Hankou, located in the northwest corner of Hanzheng Street, which is famous all over the country. With numerous merchants and dense flow of people, it is conceivable that it is difficult to prevent and control the epidemic situation. However, Wu Yong created a epidemic free community with his efforts. In order to achieve all this, Wu Yongs work is full of work, including screening patients, blocking and controlling the community, epidemiological investigation, and helping the people in need. He has implemented all these tasks one by one. Because most of the districts are old communities without elevators, Wu Yong has to go through countless times just going up and down stairs every day.

Because of overwork, Wu Yong fell to his post. At more than 1:00 p.m. on March 22, he went into the duty room to have a rest, and he never woke up again. The news of Wu Yongs death soon spread to the Gonghe community in Hanzheng Street, where he was fighting. In the morning, the people in the community who were still guarding and sealing with him were totally unacceptable.

In the peoples police force, there are countless policemen like Wu Yong who build an impregnable iron wall for the peoples safe and happy life with sweat, blood and even life. General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech that practice has proved that our peoples police are a team with strong fighting power that the party and people can totally rely on. Under the new historical conditions, the peoples police should continue to work hard and go all out to accomplish the mission and task entrusted by the party and the people. The general secretary put forward four requirements for the peoples Police Force: loyalty to the party, service for the people, fair law enforcement and strict discipline.

Li Yan told reporters that the four requirements should be put forward by the general secretary on the basis of accurately grasping the basic attributes, professional characteristics and development laws of the peoples police, and answered the four most fundamental, principled and directional questions of the peoples police from the dimensions of politics, purpose, rule of law and discipline. For example, the answer to party loyalty is who to command, who to serve the people, how to enforce the law impartially, and how to be a policeman with strict discipline.

These four demands are not the first time. In May 19, 2017, when general secretary Xi Jinping met with representatives of the national public security model, he put forward these four requirements.

The loyalty of the peoples police to the party is the first priority. General secretary Xi Jinping requested that we should uphold the partys absolute leadership, adhere to the policy of building the police politically, enhance the Four Consciousnesses, strengthen the four self-confidence and achieve two maintenances, always take the banner of the party as the banner, take the direction of the party as the direction, and take the will of the party as the will, and resolutely follow the orders of the Party Central Committee and obey the command of the Party Central Committee, so as to ensure absolute loyalty, absolute purity and absolute. Reliable.

Loyalty to the party is also reflected in the pattern of the peoples police flag. The face of the police flag is composed of red and blue. Red is the main color. The police emblem is located in the upper left corner of the flag, while the blue is under the flag. This design has a special ideological connotation.

Liu Bo, President of the Art Design Research Institute of the Central Academy of fine arts, said: the position of the police emblem is the same as that of the party flag and the national flag. The use of China red highlights its red mission, loyal to the party and serving the people. This blue color represents the role played by Chinas more than 2 million peoples police in safeguarding the motherland and protecting the country, so we put it at the bottom of the flag

The police flag is an important symbol of the peoples police force and a symbol of the honor, responsibility and mission of the peoples police. General secretary Xi Jinping asked the peoples police force to adhere to the people centered approach, firmly implement the partys mass line, and do everything for the people, all rely on the people, adhere to the overall national security concept, promote the building of safe China in the process of building, sharing and sharing, and safeguard the interests of the people, and work hard to enhance the sense of happiness, sense of security and safety of the people.

Li Hui, associate professor of the school of public security management of the peoples Public Security University of China, believes that the four directional requirements of the general secretary not only point out the direction of the whole police force, but also points out how to do it. He also puts forward the practical steps for the police public security team to compare the standards with the table, and gives the common people a steelyard. What is this steelyard? The sense of happiness is whether the people have security or not.

The general secretary presented the flag to the Chinese peoples police force and delivered a sermon, which aroused strong repercussions among the peoples police force. We all said that we should take the banner as the guide, take the precepts as the order, take the courage to take the initiative, and resolutely complete the mission and task entrusted by the party and the people.

Liu Zhongyi, director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security, said: after listening to the instructions of the general secretary at the scene, we are very excited and encouraged. As a criminal police, we will further adhere to the people-oriented principle, deeply promote the special struggle against gangsters and evils and cloud sword operations, severely crack down on prominent crimes such as black gun abduction, robbery and deception, quickly investigate and quickly crack down on existing homicide cases, and make every effort to overcome the urgent cases of homicide with practical actions We should fully practice the spirit of the general secretarys important precepts.

The police flag symbolizes the honor, responsibility and mission of the peoples police. It is both a responsibility and a strength. Loyalty to the party, service to the people, justice in law enforcement, and strict discipline are the orientation of the team and the code of conduct. Over the years, the peoples police have safeguarded peoples lives and property, safeguarded social stability, fairness and justice, punished the evil and promoted the good, made a sharp sword, gave up his life and gave up his death, and built an impregnable iron wall. Today, this team under the guidance of the police will better escort the safe China giant ship forward and create a safe and stable political and social environment for the realization of the Chinese dream.