15 times

 15 times

AFP commented that trump warned of chaos, but the current chaos is something the country has not seen in decades.

Once again, he tried to tie up with Mr. Bidens strategy in China. According to the full text of the speech released by CNN, trump mentioned China 15 times, including two times calling the new coronavirus China virus.

We have taken the toughest, boldest and most powerful action against China in the history of the United States If Biden is elected, China will own our country ; we will ensure that our businesses and jobs stay at home Bidens agenda is made in China, my agenda is made in the United States. .

Trump also disregarded the facts and shirked his responsibility, saying that China has allowed the virus to spread around the world..

Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a press conference on the 28th that the US general election is an internal affair of the United States, and we do not comment, at the same time, we also urge the US side not to use the election to talk about China..

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Trumps acceptance speech calls for the most important US election in history (source: ~)

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In recent months, U.S. polls, especially in key swing states, show that President Trumps approval rating has fallen significantly behind Bidens. This forced him to spare no effort to attack the Democratic opponent in his most important speech before the election.

Trump delivered one of the longest presidential nominations in American history after accepting the Republican nomination on the South Lawn of the White House on Thursday (August 27). Over the course of 70 minutes, he stressed: Joe Biden is not the Savior of the American soul - he is the destroyer of American employment, and if given the opportunity, he will be the destroyer of the Great America.

In this speech, trump mentioned Biden 41 times. By contrast, Biden didnt mention Trumps name in his nomination speech last week, using only the president..

Similar to the Democratic rhetoric, trump also called the November election the most important election in American History: this election will determine whether we defend the American way of life or allow a radical movement to completely disintegrate and destroy it.

If you give power to Joe Biden, the radical left will withdraw funding for the U.S. police, he also accused. They will pass federal legislation to reduce enforcement action across the United States No one is safe in Bidens America.

Protests against police brutality and racial discrimination have erupted across the United States since police shot an African American man paralyzed him at the weekend in Wisconsin. Biden used the incident to attack his opponent on Thursday, saying trump advocates increasing violence, not reducing violence, which will only add fuel to the fire.

Trump responded that the government had launched the largest national mobilization since World War II, citing the defense production act to provide the largest number of ventilators in the world; delivered hundreds of millions of masks, gloves and protective clothing to front-line medical personnel; and ordered the navy to deploy large-scale medical ships.

On Thursday night, the White House welcomed 1500 people to witness Trumps nomination speech, in sharp contrast to Bidens nomination speech in the empty hall last week. From time to time, the audience applauded Trumps speech. But its worth noting that most of them dont wear masks and viewers dont need to be tested for new coronavirus in advance.

Another speaker of interest that evening was Ivanka, Trumps eldest daughter, a senior White House adviser. Analysis shows that Ivankas appearance is to attract highly educated suburban white women. This group of voters helped trump win in 2016, but switched to the Democratic Party in the 2018 mid-term congressional elections.

Ivanka said trump has a firm belief, knows what he believes and what he is thinking and whether you agree with his views or not, you always know his position.

Father, people always attack you for being unconventional, but I love your authenticity and I respect your efficiency, said Ivanka, 38 She also described trump as a warrior in the White House: Washington did not change Donald Trump, it was Donald Trump who changed Washington.

This years presidential election will be held on November 3. In a months time, Trump and Biden will take part in the first TV debate and face-to-face attacks on each other on September 29.