CCTV disclosed! The US military is trying to encircle China by relying on four maritime strongholds

 CCTV disclosed! The US military is trying to encircle China by relying on four maritime strongholds

At 0:00 on the 28th, the southern theater released a message saying that on August 27, the US missile destroyer Mastin broke into Chinas territorial sea in Xisha without authorization. The southern theater of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army organized sea and air forces to track, monitor, verify and identify the destroyer and warn him to leave.

This is not the first time the mastine has been named by the Chinese side. Prior to that, on August 18, the destroyer Mastin sailed across the Taiwan Strait from north to south. On the 19th, air force commander Zhang Chunhui, spokesman for the eastern theater of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army, said that the eastern theater organized sea and air forces to track and monitor the US ships throughout the whole process.

Mastine is a US alebek class destroyer, full load displacement of more than 9200 tons. It is equipped with spy-1d phased array radar system, MK-41 vertical launching system and 90 missiles. It is mainly equipped with standard SM-2 missiles and anti submarine helicopter. The ship mainly regards fleet air defense as the main combat task.

The United States has been carrying out so-called freedom of navigation in the Indo Pacific region. In fact, it mainly relies on four important naval bases. Japans Yokosuka naval base, the home port of the mastine destroyer, is one of the four strongholds of the US Indian Pacific strategy.

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The United States is trying to encircle China by relying on four maritime strongholds? (source: video synthesis)

The Yokosuka naval base is located in Yokosuka harbor on the East Bank of the entrance of Tokyo Bay, Honshu Island, Japan. There are all kinds of berthing, maintenance, oil and ammunition storage equipment and personnel rest facilities. At the same time, the harbor has a wide water area and a strong berthing capacity. It can berth more than 300 ships of various types including aircraft carriers at the same time.

It is also the only port outside the U.S. territory that has the function of an aircraft carriers home port. At present, it serves as the home port of the US aircraft carrier Reagan. Before that, the Reagan made a round trip provocation in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, during which it replenished and recuperated at the Yokosuka base. At the same time, Yokosuka base is also the headquarters of the 7th Fleet of the US Navy.

A naval base on the largest and most densely populated island of the Mariana Islands in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is an important strategic fulcrum of the US militarys western Pacific combat system and an important hub linking the mainland and East Asia. The sea and air transportation lines and submarine cables between the United States and Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia pass through.

More than 80 ships can be moored at the same time in the port of APRA on Guam. At present, the U.S. military takes Guam as a strategic bomber, a forward combat base for attacking nuclear submarines, and a storage station for ammunition and aviation fuel. The United States has deployed 63 agm-86c air launched cruise missiles in Guam, built the second largest aviation fuel storage depot of the US air force, established the 15th submarine Squadron, and deployed four Los Angeles class nuclear powered attack submarines.

Darwin is the capital of Australias Northern Territory. During the Second World War, Darwin was an important military base for the Allied forces, and the only Australian city to be baptized by the war. Geographically, Darwin is Australias closest region to Asia - closer to Indonesias capital, Jakarta, than to Canberra. Therefore, the U.S. ships and aircraft from here can soon enter the South China Sea and other hot spots.

Since 2012, the U.S. Marine Corps has sent troops to Darwin for rotation deployment every year, and each deployment lasts for half a year. According to Australian media reports, the United States and Australia are discussing extending the deployment time to the whole year. At the same time, the two sides also agreed to build a top secret defense cooperation framework against China with Darwin as the center, so as to strengthen the strength and depth of defense cooperation between the two countries. Some critics believe that this is the most important upgrade of the security cooperation between the United States and Australia in the past decade.

Located in the central part of the Indian Ocean, digogassia island has a total area of only about 30 square kilometers, but it has an extremely important strategic position. It is a part of British Indian Ocean Territory. After the 1960s, the United States and Britain signed an agreement to lease the island, and built a large airport on the island, which can take off and land almost all types of aircraft in active service, including strategic bombers. It has also become one of the important hubs to support the U.S. militarys global strategic action. In the early stages of the Gulf War, the Afghanistan war and the Iraq war, the US military launched many air strikes from digogassia island.

At present, the U.S. military has been implementing the sea air integration combat mode. Recently, the four bases have been extremely active, and they have been constantly practicing and cooperating.

On August 24, two U.S. b-2a stealth bombers left digogassia in the Indian Ocean for northern Australia;

On the same day, at Darwin base in Australia, three US KC-135 tankers took off to meet with b-2a for training in the Western Pacific region.

On August 17, the U.S. military deployed a B-1B from Guam. After taking off from Guam, it flew all the way to the northwest and entered the airspace of the East China Sea;

It then merged with another B-1B, which was also deployed in Guam, and returned to the United States.

The analysis shows that the deployment of B-2 bombers at digogassia base is relatively safe, far away from regional powers. The B-2 takes off from here, and the base in Darwin, Australia, can send tankers to meet it, so that the B-2s operational radius can go deep into Western Pacific. The U.S. army deployed the B-1B in Guam to make full use of its rapid penetration capability. Further north along the island, the carrier strike group and submarine squadron of the base can clear the maritime threat for the above strategic bombers in the Western Pacific region. In this way, the US Armys sea air integrated war in the Indian Pacific region will have a basic form.

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