Why did Wal Mart bid for tiktok? Look at the jitter net tiktok.

 Why did Wal Mart bid for tiktok? Look at the jitter net tiktok.

The byte beating tiktok has been testing the e-commerce function since 2018. It was only in recent months that byte skipping began to launch the buy now button on tiktok that redirects users to shopping sites.

The huge scale of Chinas consumer market has also created a broad field for other types of retail experiments. Pinduoduo, one of Chinas newest e-commerce giants, has turned online shopping into a more surreal video game. For pinduoduos fans, the process of accidentally discovering novel low-cost products is an important part of this shopping experience. In fact, actually receiving these products is secondary to many users. At present, the number of monthly users of pinduoduo is close to 570 million.

Jitter initially allowed video producers to publish their store links on Taobao tiktok. Eventually, it allows users to open stores inside the vibrato application, and now it is more active in promoting content creators to sell through local stores rather than to external tiktok.

For most China tiktok, jitter will not completely replace Taobao and other mature shopping websites. Many, a marketing company, works tiktok and TikTok content creators. The design of the app means that the best selling products on the platform are cheap products bought by consumers, TikTok, director of the companys charge, said.

The content youre browsing is updated very quickly, Berne said, which means that on this app, very few people buy expensive watches or things like that. If you think twice, the video is basically finished.

Thats why I think Wal Marts involvement in the acquisition of tiktok is very interesting, Berne added. They can sell cheaper products directly to tiktok users.

Low prices do not guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Berne admits that byte skipping has a lot to learn in terms of retail customer service. Tiktok said that if TikToks e-commerce function is not advanced, it is partly because China Internet has more entrepreneurial spirit, and they try to transform their attractiveness as a video star into sales of physical products.

Compared with tiktok, TikToks global audience also forces byte pulsation to be more cautious when making adjustments to the platform.

Tiktok as like as two peas, we have seen TikTok and jitter exactly the same. Its just a little bit slower, Berne said. What TikTok is tiktok is not unique. (Chen Chen)