Bouygues, France to remove 3000 Huawei mobile antennas by 2028

 Bouygues, France to remove 3000 Huawei mobile antennas by 2028

Source: Reuters

It is reported that the French government has told telecom operators planning to buy Huawei 5g equipment that they will not be able to renew the license of the equipment once the license expires, thus gradually withdrawing Huawei from the UK mobile network by 2027.

Roussat said many sites will have to phase out Huaweis equipment, which is about 3000. The dismantling will last eight years and will have a limited impact on our business performance, he added. Bouygues also announced more than expected first half results on the same day, but did not say which companys equipment will be used to replace Huaweis equipment.

Roussat said Huaweis mobile devices have been banned in cities such as Brest, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Renne, and Huaweis mobile devices cannot be used in Paris.

A previous study by mobileuk said that a complete ban on Huaweis use of 5g would lead to a doubling of these costs in the industry as a whole, and expand procurement spending by curbing competition, thus effectively leaving Huaweis market share to Ericsson and Nokia.

Source of this article: Liu Fei, editor in charge of micro network_ NBJS10390