Only in these three levels, to achieve the same pace of lovers, it is possible to love to the white

 Only in these three levels, to achieve the same pace of lovers, it is possible to love to the white

Unknown so netizens see this news, line up under the relevant video blessing.

But unexpectedly, Zhong Zhentao himself responded to the rumor in a very humorous way. He did this: he called his eldest daughter and asked, are you going to get married? The daughter on the other end of the phone said with a smile, why dont I know?

In fact, this video is from the MV clip of worry about it shot by Zhong Zhentao for Huang Xiaohu in 2013, which is to act for the plot.

As for the protagonist of the story, Zhong Jiaqing, the eldest daughter of Zhong Zhentao who was suddenly married, is only 25 years old this year, and does not say that he is in a hurry to get married.

After being introduced to know Zhong Zhentao, the two fell in love at first sight and were inseparable. After three weeks acquaintance, Zhong Zhentao proposed to Zhang Xiaohui.

Later, the two decided to divorce, and the last straw of their marriage was money.

In 1999, the two divorced. According to Zhang Xiaohui, the marriage has long been in name.

However, what makes Zhong more aggrieved is another matter. In 1997, Zhang Xiaohuis love affair with Chen Yaomin, a married businessman, was exposed in the media.

Even after the divorce, Zhang Xiaohui publicly told the media that she had five boyfriends at the same time, but only loved two people in her life.

Zhang Xiaohuis view of love and family is quite different from that of Zhong Zhentao. Zhang Xiaohui is a person on the cloud, and her requirement for life is to be good-looking and fun. However, Zhong Zhentao is a man in the world, growing up in vagrancy.

They have different views on wealth and philosophy of life.

When Zhang Xiaohui was in debt of 200 million yuan, she still refused to cut back on her food, clothing and flowers. She still lived in a luxury house with a monthly rent of 60000 Hong Kong dollars. Finally, she successfully cancelled the debt.

Zhong Zhentao, on the other hand, has to withdraw money from the performance reward to pay off the debt. The two people are not in the same world at all.

Zhang Xiaohuis story makes people feel sad. The two men who were originally gifted and beautiful turned into passers-by or even enemies because of their different views on consumption.

What kind of way to get along with each other has brought them to such a state?

What lessons can we learn from such a failed marriage to protect our marriage?

First of all, we should know that before marriage, we should unify the Three Outlooks of two people, which are not outlook on life, world outlook and values.

Its about consumption, love and marriage.

Only in these three levels to achieve the same pace of the couple, it is possible to love to the white head, if there is a problem in which level.

Its very likely that this marriage will break down.

So in the process of practice, how can we make sure that we are consistent with his three views?


The value of a thing can not be counted by one person has the final say.

Perhaps in the imagination of many unmarried people, the problem in marriage is the deterioration of two peoples feelings.

Or because of the temptation of the outside world, there is a change of heart, but in fact, in many marriages, money is the gap that two people can not cross.

Just like Zhang Xiaohui and Zhong Zhentao in this article, many couples have different family backgrounds and different life situations, and their consumption views are also different.

If this consumption concept is too different, it will lead to many problems.

For example, in the eyes of girls, they only reward themselves occasionally, but in the eyes of boys, they are extravagant and wasteful, and they dont take the money they earn seriously, so the contradiction between the two people arises.

Therefore, we should be neither humble nor overbearing in spending money.

First of all, we should know that after marriage, the property of both husband and wife belongs to two people, so both of them have the right to control the property.

When deciding how to spend money, you should not feel humble that most of the money is earned by the other party, so you are not qualified to discuss and control the source and destination of money.

These two kinds of mentality are wrong, you should know that money is not earned by one person, even if one is making money to support the family, and one is cleaning up and taking care of children.

The man who took care of the baby also contributed his value, but the value was not reflected in the form of money.

Rational control of every expenditure of money, so as to get closer to wealth, freedom and marital happiness.


Love in imagination is different from love in reality

I cant touch the reality of firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, and I dont know what kind of situation I have to face when love comes into marriage.

In particular, the other party will have what kind of change to their own, these are we can not predict.

Before marriage, one thing must be understood, that is, marriage is insipid.

In fact, most of the time life is dull, no one lives like a roller coaster every day.

If there is such a person, his life must be very difficult, so we choose marriage is to choose and plain life as a companion.

Dont expect too much from life. Dont imagine waking up and opening your eyes. Boys will come to you with breakfast.

Dont imagine that he will bring back a bunch of flowers every day after work, which is not what normal people do.

This is what the hero of idol drama will do. If you want to marry the hero of idol drama, you must have the perfect conditions for the heroine of idol drama.


Marriage is also divided into many kinds, some are single-minded, some are not, some are full of love, and some are carried out in order to complete the task.

Such marriages often dont last long, because both have unrealistic plans for their own expectations.

In order to avoid such a situation, we must have a good communication with each other, two people should sit down and have a good talk.

For example, we can ask the other party, what is the other partys concept of marriage, whether he supports single-minded marriage, and how does he think of open relationship?

But dont underestimate these problems. Any small problem here will become a big problem after marriage, so unifying these consensus before marriage can save a lot of trouble.

Today, through the marriage of a star couple, we learned what pit there are in marriage and what thunder needs to be avoided.

But every relationship, as long as we work hard, will produce good results.