Meet too early, anyway cant make it there

 Meet too early, anyway cant make it there

There is a feeling is not necessarily right, and the most loved one, it is difficult to go together to live a lifetime that step.

Too pure things, often can not hold a little dirty.

But the more people grow up, the more they think about more things and think more about them, it is difficult to remain pure.

I have read a post before, a boy has a girlfriend who has been in love for eight years, but at the same time, he and his younger martial sister are getting closer in a certain year.

There was no cross-border action.

But they can chat and eat alone.

The younger martial sister knew that the elder martial brother had a girlfriend and did not say anything beyond the boundary.

Just doing a lot of the same-sex friends do.

Have dinner together to celebrate the topic, chat occasionally, go abroad to help buy some small things.

After her girlfriend found out about it, she insisted on breaking up.

Because I feel that love is not very pure.

He knows what I care about, and Im not the only one he wants to share his feelings with, she said

You see, its hard not to ask for only, most important, only and high concentration of special

I couldnt understand it when I just finished reading this post.

I dont think its possible to meet another person who has been so unreservedly in love for eight years.

I can accept that the next person doesnt love me so much, but I cant accept the reduction of his love concentration, the girl wrote in her post

People in the beginning of love, really will be more pure this kind of thing.

You can only be nice to me.

You can only have me in your heart.

You have to be very good to me, the best, no better.

It seems that my parents like you too.

In the past, I dont care about it. I dont care about my feelings.

Whats more, we have a better life.

Happiness with high emotional concentration is also happiness.

Some people will create scams to make the other party feel that they are in a high concentration of love. This is a kind of course of Tianwang sister-in-law training class.

People do.

You just deleted mine.

He said he could read the cell phone?

I said, to be honest, I havent been in love for a long time.

I just think the love of playing is no different from playing.

He patted me.

My pat set is that the other person pats you on the head and says, I miss you too..

He sent a thumb.

I photographed him. Nothing was set.

Its a pity to meet too early, want too much, love too pure feelings, the result is not much.