There is a deep feeling, called quietly accompany you

 There is a deep feeling, called quietly accompany you

Love is strong, even if the moth to the fire, but not at all. When feeling strong, quietly accompany, is also a kind of deep feeling.

The best time is to accompany; the warmest feeling is to accompany you quietly. Fall in love with a person, the heart is his shadow, sometimes, as long as quietly accompany him, do not redundant words, so quietly accompany, let the time elapse, any time wasted, still have the feeling of quiet beauty in the heart precipitation.

There is a deep feeling, called quietly accompany you. No matter how noisy the world outside is, my heart is at ease. You lonely, quietly accompany you, do not need comfort words, accompany, is the best gift; you impetuous, quietly accompany you, do not need to pacify the language, accompany, is the best comfort.

There is a deep feeling, called quietly accompany you. No matter how time changes, my heart is as firm as a rock. If you travel far away, I will pack up for you and accompany you to see the scenery of the world. Like the moon, shining on the night sky, quiet and beautiful. If you entertainment, watching movies or playing cards, quietly accompany me, is my best gentleness. Like flowers, quietly blooming, so that the wisps of fragrance, quietly fragrance of each strand of the surrounding air.

There is a deep feeling, called quietly accompany you. No matter how ruthless the years are, my heart will never give up. When you are well-developed, you will be accompanied quietly, not bound by money, fame and wealth, nor lured by the prosperity of the world. Your original intention will not be changed, but accompany you quietly. When your life is declining, I will accompany you quietly. I will not abandon you because of the wind and wind, nor stay away from you for plain clothes and skirts. I will always accompany you quietly.

Maybe, sometimes, you dont need this kind of affection. It doesnt matter, quietly accompany, is the curse of time, will let love tend to be quiet, will let love return to the heart.


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