Recitation: may all encounters in the world be filled with warmth

 Recitation: may all encounters in the world be filled with warmth

In the change of spring and autumn, enjoy the flowers and Autumn Moon, see the flowers bloom and wither; in the years of passion, taste the worlds warm and cold, see the worlds prosperity; time is in a hurry, fallen leaves know autumn, friendship is like wine, when the wind gradually cool, there is joy but no worry. Years flow away, suddenly look back, a greeting mellow cotton still.

Sigh the world, the warmest words are I know you. In this world, understanding is the most beautiful emotion, understanding is the most beautiful encounter. A period of love, only two people are frank with each other, mutual understanding, mutual understanding, love can be more long.

And for those who do not belong to their own people, no longer need to live in memories, the past is no better than sigh. The rest of your life is not long. Dont let your life down. Dont waste your good time. Dont let your heart suffer from injustice. The memories of dust, and all the past farewell, tell yourself that life is still going on, the future is as promising, I believe the most beautiful scenery has been on the road, I believe that the world will be linked with you.

As time goes by, a wisp of clear spring flows out, and a burst of fragrance flows out; the tooth month ring leaves only a pale face, helpless waiting. How many wonderful stories remain in the past. Whether its moving or regretting, whether its the ignorance and appreciation of the green and astringent time, or the indelible memory of growing up, all of them can be put to a full stop without regret. May the rest of your life still be fragrant and peaceful.

On the road of life, every section of the road is counted. Every meeting in the dark is a treasure worth cherishing. In the future life, they will decorate your life, make your life more colorful. Make your heart stronger,

Make your temperament more gentle and kind. The beauty of the world comes from a gentle and pure heart. May we all know how to treat ourselves and others.

Life, flowers bloom and fall another season. The flowers are silent, and the flowers fall silent. Life is a walk stop Road, should come eventually, should walk will leave. In the long years, I am grateful for all the encounters. I dont have to ask for what I lost. I dont want to be entangled with each other. Im separated from each other, and the wind and clouds are light, and I cherish them.

The smoke on the street is cool, which has been in full swing for several seasons. Swaying fleeting time, swinging the clock, the passage of how many years. This past few years, may the world be filled with warmth, full of true love, and never lack of true love. May all the true feelings in the world can be responded to, cherish and not be let down. May all the encounters in the world be filled with warmth!