You cant imagine how realistic a boy is in marriage

 You cant imagine how realistic a boy is in marriage

The question is, why do men spend seven or eight years talking about a first love that died of nothing, and then can get married with another person within a year?

I was deeply impressed by the answer from the host @ Hongsang.

Screenshot source: Zhihus answer @ Hongsangs answer

The answer says that you have contributed a lot to this relationship over the years. But in the future, your development value is not high.

Ive known a little bit about the reality of mens feelings from an early age, but the answer still stings me.

What can this answer say? It shows that men are rational in the face of feelings. But this is only a phenomenon. The root cause of the phenomenon is that they love themselves most even when they are in a relationship.

It is the love yourself most that drives them to make the choice that is most in line with interests and can most crush each other. Under the shell of reason is their essence: no matter how much they love their partner, they will not love themselves as much.

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The story is usually quite the same: a successful girl meets an ideal boy - of course, it will be a very popular type. They will say that spending money for him doesnt want to make him so good. He is not happy or complacent, but he says I really like you. If the other side takes this point, he often doesnt even have a relationship Confirm, a few big brand bags, dozens of advertising resources, so easy to get.

It took me a long time to understand the nature of the problem: girls will continue to pay in love, on the one hand, because they are addicted to love, they will naturally do so, and more importantly, because, in fact, for a long time, many girls have paid more attention to the feelings of others than their own.

When the other person is the one they like, girls want to be the best.

u2014u2014I really want to understand recently, this has nothing to do with how attractive and attractive the people we love. This is a kind of habitual payment. We will not take care of our feelings for a long time. Whats more, when we meet love, love makes this point more obvious.

Its too bad. Its too bad.

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The boy happily said thank you, and then said, if you are thirsty, there is water on the table in the corner.

Nothing else. She took the subway home in ten minutes, and the boy never mentioned it again.

The friend said, then I talked about a boyfriend. At night, I didnt dare to take a taxi alone. He asked him to pick me up from the suburbs. He blamed me for my affectation and asked me to call him 1000 yuan. If I did, he would pick me up. Frankly speaking, 1000 yuan is not money for me. He also knows that, but for a period of time, when I think about it, I break down and cry, and I think, is there anyone worth my doing? No one, but I always want to follow the meaning of the people I like. I always want the people I care about to give me high marks.

But how did that very vulgar saying come about? We are the longest person in the world. Those are very painful to pay, and finally really go with the wind, leaving only the scar in the heart, become the price of growth. In the end, we find that relationships are not driven by selflessness, which is unhealthy.

Girls really need to learn to love themselves. The word learn comes from my observation of girls and myself. So far, we really dont love ourselves very much.

Boys know how to love themselves. It seems that they are born. They are very calm when they are loved. If they dont love, they will end this section according to their own way. They also give priority to themselves in their feelings. This is simply an ability, just like, no matter how sweet they are, what position and what effect you are in your heart.

Who is the other party? Peach blossom after peach blossom after peach blossom. He doesnt think its wrong to live in the flowers. Its you who want to be attracted by me..

Its embarrassing to say it. Im in my twenties before I can receive the negative feedback from the boy. Heartbreak will break my heart and I wont feel inferior. I can continue to feel that Im good, but you are not good.

In the past, I really felt that the other party suddenly did not love is what I did wrong.

Before, I didnt know what was self. As soon as I fell in love, I would get the flattery of trying to make the other party satisfied.

I used to be good at saying I can change, I can wait and I will be better.

But why should I change, why should I wait, and why should I become better for whom? To put it bluntly, subconsciously, I still feel that I am waiting to be graded by the opposite sex. Since there is scoring, there must be a high score. In our impression, we should strive for more, and the higher score is better than the lower score.

No, it shouldnt exist.

People who love themselves do not need others to shine on their hearts.