Poetry is not always perfect, I hope everything is willing

 Poetry is not always perfect, I hope everything is willing

Lisao (excerpt)

Qu Yuan in the pre Qin Period

When I drink Magnolia in the morning,

Autumn chrysanthemum in evening meal.

If you have a good faith, you can practice it,

Long chin is no harm.

The roots of the trees are rubbed to form a tree,

Through the fall of pistil of Ficus pumila L.

With the help of mushroom and cinnamon,

Its not a secular thing.

Although Im not as good as I am today,

May I follow the legacy of Peng Xian.

Long breath to cover my tears,

Mourning the difficulties of peoples livelihood.

Although Im good at training, I cant help myself,

He also claimed to be in charge of it.

Although he died nine times, he did not regret.

If the career is hindered, it is difficult to realize ones ambition, but to have a clear conscience.

Qu Yuan, who is hard to realize his political ideal, said: what does it matter if he gets up in the morning and drinks the dew on the magnolia flowers and fills his hunger with the remnant petals of chrysanthemum at night? I keep learning from the sages of ancient times, knowing that they cant do it. This is not something that ordinary people can do and understand. Wiping tears and sighing, how difficult the road of life is. Although I have always been strict with myself, I was dismissed in the morning. They attacked me for wearing Cymbidium and accused me of picking Cymbidium. But this is what I really pursue in my heart. Even if I die, I never regret it.

Song Dynasty: Su Shi

Try to see it on the transcendental stage,

Half ditch spring water a city flower.

Misty rain darkens a thousand homes.

After a cold meal, he wakes up after drinking.

And try new tea with new fire.

If you are busy and cant get to the ground, and unconsciously feel sorry for missing a lot of scenery, then give yourself a little more time, calm down and taste life, dont be reluctant to stay in the end.

Plum blossom chanting

Modern times: Mao Zedong

Its a cliff full of ice, and there are still flowers.

Beauty does not compete for spring, only to report the spring.

Sometimes, the effort, not to get praise from others, just for their own happiness.

Just as Mao Zedong in his poems chanted plum like this: wind and rain will return to spring, and snow will greet spring. Even if the cliff is a hundred feet of season, there are still plum blossom in the branches. Although the plum blossom is beautiful, but never strive for the beauty of spring, just standing there quietly, reporting the coming of spring. When the mountain was in full bloom, she was quietly smiling in the flowers.


Han Dynasty: Anonymous

I want to know you well. I will live a long life.

Heaven and earth are united, but dare not with the king.

Just like this famous love oath: God! I would like to love you, let our love never decline. Unless the mountains become flat, the surging rivers dry up, the cold winter thunder bursts, the scorching heat and snow, and the heaven and earth join together, I dare to abandon my love for you!

Magpie Bridge Fairy

Song Dynasty: Qin Guan

The cloud is tricky, the flying star spreads hate,

The silver man is far away.

It will win the world countless.

Tender like water, happy season like dream,

Bear with the magpie bridge back!

If the two love for a long time,

When you feel that it is not smooth enough, when you choose too much, you should remember that life is not always perfect, as long as you are willing to make every decision and everything you do.

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