The world is beautiful, is the kindness gentle and arrives in time you

 The world is beautiful, is the kindness gentle and arrives in time you

This is uncles notes. Its 9:30 every night

Accompany you through your years, warm and cold, cure you are in the line

The best state is to be a little closer to what you like.

Obviously is the clumsy children, why a person walked so long road.

Investment in yourself is the best investment, and no one can take it away.

A person does not have to live like a team, a person as long as live like a person on the line, have dignity, have pursuit, have dream, also can have weak and decadent time.

The world is beautiful, is kind of gentle and timely arrived you.

Dont take your efforts too seriously. Efforts should be the normal life, not a particularly noble behavior. u2014u2014A thousand seals

I hope you can have mountains and trees in your life. With the beloved, enjoy the flowers in spring, cool in summer, climb mountains in autumn, sweep snow in winter, and spend four seasons.

Like a person or an idol, is suddenly born a lot of gentle power, want to work together to shine together, want to meet in the future that day, can gently say to him, look, I am also super good.

I used to hear that the mountains and the sea are not flat when I heard of it. I think there are boats to cross the sea and roads to the mountains. If you want to cross the sea, the mountains and the sea can be even. Also firmly believe that Lang Xin has his own feet, across the mountains and across the sea will come back.. Later, I learned that when crossing mountains and rivers, when crossing the sea and mountains, I had long been lost and never returned. Love is separated by mountains and seas. The mountains and the sea can be peaceful, but it is the peoples heart to be hard to calm.

I always like those excellent and humble people. They clearly have the ability beyond ordinary people, but have no sense of superiority. He is gentle to people like the wind in the evening. He is firm in his work and modest when he gets along with others.

So, today, lets talk about the outstanding people you have met in your life?