Men dont love you

 Men dont love you

I dont want to say more

My husband and I are really tired together. I dont know whats going on. Now he doesnt even want to say more. When I send him text messages and phone calls, he doesnt even see it. He doesnt even have eye contact. In such a cold marriage, I am like air. I want to continue, but my feelings are like a pool of stagnant water. I want to let go, but I dont know what to do with my son.

Perhaps, many women have had such an experience. In the relationship between two people, the other side becomes more and more silent. After work, they often lie on the sofa playing with mobile phones, and they are not willing to tell themselves something on their faces. They are just like strangers under the eaves.

Like this is full of cold and violent feelings, how can two people get along without being tired?

In the cold violence, he told you all the time with suffocating silence: you are very bad, I despise you, I look down on you.

From the beginning to the end, he treated you as the air, no matter what you said, he didnt care. It seems that in front of him, you are even worse than a stranger. No matter what you do, he will not look at you.

On the contrary, good feelings communicate with each other almost every day. Even after work late, work again tired, the necessary greetings and care, will not be less.

As the saying goes: language is the most straightforward way of communication, silence is the most hurtful weapon.

The death of a relationship, to a large extent, is due to the inability to communicate smoothly, which turns the dialogue into a monologue. In the long run, even the deepest love will gradually die out.

You dont want to spend more

Feelings: there are such a kind of men, very generous to themselves, but very stingy to you, and often excuse themselves by saying: dont take money to measure love, too vulgar.

As a matter of fact, the love between the poor and the humble husband and wife is never isolated. In addition to the love itself, it should also contain the material basis to support the love.

If a man is reluctant to spend money for you, he does not love you so much.

As Tu Leis point of view, some men pretend to be confused with understanding. He is not without money, just dont want to marry you.

On the reality TV show you along the way, when asked if one day, you are not in this world, what is the most worried about?

Zhang Zhilins answer is like this: wife, do you have enough money? If you say enough, Ill be relieved.

Yes, this is the attitude of a man who loves you. He will not consider whether it is worth spending money for you. He will only worry about whether your life is secure or not. He will only care whether your wish can be satisfied.

And is there enough money to spend? This seemingly simple and simple words, but it means that mens investment and pay for you, than I love you to come more real, more sincere.

All said: do not love your man afraid you want too much, love your man is afraid to give you not enough.

Indeed, if he loves you, he is willing to spoil you, tolerate you and give you the best. Especially in terms of money, you will not be half stingy.

If he is not willing to spend more money, then he must not love you so much.

Do more, dont want to do more

Feelings, some words, said better than the singing, most of the rhetoric, listen to it is even if, dont take it seriously.

Love needs to say and take.

I have a novice mother by my side.

After giving birth to a child, she has been living in a mess every day. In order to balance her family and career, she has sacrificed almost all her time.

In reality, if a man doesnt want to do anything for you, then he doesnt know how to love you. Naturally, he doesnt love you.

If he really loves you, he will willingly pay for you. No matter how much he does for you, he has no complaints.

In the TV drama the first half of my life, Jin Dong once said:

Because life is hard, we need a person to help each other.

Indeed, in order to get along with each other, we dont need the guests who have spare time to think of a leader, let alone a shopkeeper who just says nothing but does. What is needed is a partner who can help each other in the same boat and move forward side by side.

Only when two people support each other and give each other, can their feelings last for a long time.

On the contrary, the man who doesnt want to do more for you has no determination to go on with you.

In the final analysis, when a man is not willing to spend time, money and action on you, he must not have you in his heart. A woman must be careful to distinguish. Dont waste his heart for a wrong person, which is not worth it.

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