Just three days after cesarean section, she was beaten. after 20 years of domestic violence, she always found reasons not to divorce

 Just three days after cesarean section, she was beaten. after 20 years of domestic violence, she always found reasons not to divorce

The most unforgettable thing is that I had just had a caesarean section for three days, and I was still in the hospital bed. I didnt know why I quarreled again. He slapped me in the face, and then knelt down to make up.

Later, we opened a computer sales store to buy a house. My mothers family gave out another part of the money, and his father also took out some. We both worked hard to open the store together. I dont know how much money we saved. His housekeepers money gave me 1000 yuan a month for living.

Later, he cheated me to borrow usury to speculate in stocks. He had no money to open a shop for ten years, and he still had a lot of debts. I wanted to get divorced, but considering that the child was young, I put up with it. I sold the two houses I bought on mortgage during the opening of the shop at a low price and paid off his debts. He also promised me to live a good life and stop speculating in stocks.

But a few days ago, I found that he began to secretly speculate in stocks. All of a sudden, he was desperate for him. His accumulated hatred and resentment broke out all of a sudden. I decided to leave him. But my son is in his third year of senior high school this year. I am afraid that it will affect his sons college entrance examination.

But one day I cant stand his disgust. What should I do?

Cold love reply:

But in addition to sympathy, we should also think about how to deal with such a life?

I would like to give advice to the female owners in two aspects

1u3001 Bottom line thinking.

Everyone should take this story as a warning and have a bottom line thinking.

If after marriage, no matter for half a year or how long, the other partys domestic violence, or even blind their eyes, encounter this extremely bad situation, at this time, no matter what happens, there should be a bottom line, should stop the loss immediately, instead of wasting 19 and a half years like the woman in this story, and let things evolve to the present situation.

Thats what we have to emphasize here, and its the saddest part of the story that weve seen.

Generally speaking, this story let us see that a persons life is like a pile of fragments, there is no way to pick up and put together a complete self.

Whether its because of violence, or for whatever reason, we really feel very sad about living like this.

After answering more than 9000 questions, we will have a kind of vigilance: we cant look at one side of the story.

We can only say that at least one thread can be seen from the story is that the hostess said, I thought about divorce, but considering that the child is young, I can bear it. I decided to leave him, but my son is in senior three this year, so Im afraid it will affect my sons college entrance examination..

Is it that after the child goes to college, or the child is not married, or how about the child, she always has a reason to stay in this relationship?

Is this reason a weakness of her own, or even a reason made by herself?

For the sake of children, is that child really willing to grow up in such a relationship?

Or do we really have nothing to improve and change in a relationship?

Finally, since this lady has said in the original text that she has made up her mind to leave, I think we should really act.

For example, to work in another city, to live in another city.

If you cant stand the disgust for a day, the thing to do is to act as soon as possible.

There are questions everywhere, only action can give you the real answer.

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