Its too sweet to find a soft boyfriend.

 Its too sweet to find a soft boyfriend.

After two people quarreled for half an hour, his girlfriend said calmly, lets make it up. Each of us will step back and say sorry.

The boy was a little ashamed: OK, Im sorry, I was wrong

Girlfriend: you also know wrong? Whats wrong with you

After reading his experience, I feel funny.

At the end, he asked me, uncle, who do you think should apologize for the quarrel between lovers?

From a rational point of view, it is the one who makes mistakes who apologizes.

However, in love, apology is still men first.

I think so.

To give in is not to retreat, nor to follow the authority, but to respect.

Emotional problems to solve the problem, rather than unreasonable, two people face-to-face anger.

Learn to admit mistakes for love, put away the so-called face, can better understand how to love a person.

Everyone has his own temper and pride, fall in love with a person, is to be able to lick his face to coax you, soft.

When two people are together, it is inevitable to quarrel, to have disagreements and to pay.

But to persuade girls, in fact, do not use logic, do not use reason, to heart.

Because cherish her, so every time you quarrel, even if you bow your head, it doesnt matter.

Because I love her, it really doesnt matter.

You can only choose one girlfriend and right or wrong.

In fact, many problems are really not big. Most of the time, they are in the process of quarreling, which aggravates the problem.

There are not so many confrontations in life. If each confrontation is regarded as a test of two peoples feelings, it may be easier to pass customs and upgrade.

We all know that a relationship, in the process of management, will have many contradictions, we are also in the state of producing contradictions and resolving contradictions.

However, some couples can solve their emotional problems very quickly. Some couples break up as soon as they encounter problems.

There is a line in the American TV series friends

Before I knew you, my life was insignificant. And I want to say that if you want to be with a person, you can forgive a person infinitely as long as you dont touch the bottom line.

If you force them to be rational, it only shows that she doesnt love you.

Most of the time, a girl is angry because of her emotions, so when she is angry to avoid you, you should understand to face the difficulties.

When she is making fun of, you should smile fondly.

After all, their own choice of small ancestors, kneeling also want to spoil.

If you want to find a boyfriend, you must find someone who will be soft.

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