Nokia says 5g will greatly improve the economy of Latin America by the mid-2030s

 Nokia says 5g will greatly improve the economy of Latin America by the mid-2030s

The report said that the 5g network eventually obtained by Latin American countries will help the region improve productivity and thus promote economic growth. Nokia said productivity in Latin America lags behind its peers, but the improvement of the digital economy will help to narrow the gap.

Osvaldo dicampli, Nokias head of Latin America, commented. 5g means more than access. With the development of 5g, the security of telecommunication network will be more critical, because we will connect millions of sensors per square kilometer. When Nokia develops devices, we solve network security problems in architecture. We have deployed a process we call design for security, which means that security and credibility are part of our product, not patching it.

In terms of strategy, the report recommends that service providers should upgrade their 4G hardware to prepare for 5g. It pointed out that the current 4G networks in Latin American countries only cover about 50% of users, and a large number of countries have not yet completed the allocation of 4G spectrum, and urgent action should be taken to complete this work.

Nokias report points out that 5g technology will mature in the American continent in 2022, with Brazil, the biggest beneficiary, as an example, and productivity will increase by $3.084 trillion.

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