Miss you Zhang Qingkai: it was a day in 2020, the crabapple is very beautiful, you are still there

 Miss you Zhang Qingkai: it was a day in 2020, the crabapple is very beautiful, you are still there


Miss you Zhang Qingkai is an alien of bamboo, wood, wolf and horse (author: Wu Zhe). The protagonists are Zhang Qingkai and Xia Fei. Summer summer, flying. Dubbing actors are my favorite sky, so they are more representative. Xia Fei suffered from hemophilia and suffered a lot from childhood. And he left Zhang Qingkai early and came to heaven. Because I havent seen bamboo, wood, wolf and horse, sometimes I cant get the content. Through the dialogue between Zhang Qingkai and Fu Yijie (the original protagonist of the novel), the understanding of Xia Fei is deepened. It was a stubborn but clean life, if only alive.


Of course, if there is no such thing in the world. Just a few days ago, I heard two bad news almost at the same time. Primary school students, even long gone. In addition, he was very familiar with his primary school classmate. His mother died. Its all known through other primary school students. My brain has been hit hard. That very familiar primary school classmate, has not told me the situation. I sent a message in a hurry, and I didnt know what to say. He said, Im afraid Ill be sad together.. Then, the schoolmate who told me the bad news was very indifferent. I cant stand it.


Hearing miss you Zhang Qingkai, I suddenly feel that life and death are not clear. With Xia Feis eight years, four months and three days, Zhang Qingkai must be very happy. But this happiness seems so short-lived. Because of Xia Feis death, everything has become eternal. There should be no time for good expression in this article tonight. Because I listen to this radio play over and over again, even the last two versions of have a good summer fly have not let go. One is pure music of moment, the other is pure music of heart, and the voice of the sky.


Miss you Zhang Qingkai, after Xia Feis absence, what happened to Zhang Qingkai? Is it true that its going to rain and Lang is going to get married? No, hes not married. Because Xia Fei liked it, Zhang Qingkai opened a bookstore. You can read books and bask in the sun. This is also the biggest enjoyment of Xiafei, the biggest fun. Whats more, the biggest wish. I know it takes a lot of courage to lose my love forever and live alone. Because, it is boundless loneliness. Can submerge you anytime and anywhere, you are like a poor drowner. I cant do anything about it.


Its raining, whose tears are flying? Zhang Qingkai came to the cemetery and chatted with Xia Fei, who was buried there. From time to time there are illusions, it seems that the most loved one is still around. Accompany oneself to talk, accompany oneself to laugh and scold, but he is really not in. Yes, I will take Xia Fei when he is better. Dont look at cherry blossoms, but look at Xifu Begonia. Words are still in our ears, but this has become an unfulfilled promise. After listening to miss you Zhang Qingkai and then hearing good Xia Fei, my mood completely collapsed. Although, I also do not know.


Later, I found Yoshikawas moment. Its a single cycle again. I dont know whether its healing or causing depression..

It was a day in 2020, and the crabapple was beautiful. Miss your Zhang Qingkai and Xia Fei who had a good time. Its nice to meet you