If one day I show my love...

 If one day I show my love...

To break up, pull black friends, clear the circle of friends related to it.

When you talk about your predecessor, you question yourself:

Why did you like him?

When we were together, the boy stood her up,

She only felt that the other party was immersed in her work, not that she didnt care about her;

Boys to her temper, she also only love each other, pressure is big, not do not love her.

Shell think that the other person is in some difficulty,

Even if her friend reminded her:

The boy doesnt seem to care about you that much.

She still didnt want to believe it, and even refuted it

No, he often gives me takeout and says good morning and good night to me on time.

Until I happened to see the chatting records between her and other girls, which seemed to wake her up with a slap in the head

It turns out hes not that good.

Many times we do this:

I feel that there is no better person in the world.

But when you no longer love him, you will suddenly find that:

It turned out that he was no more than that.

How can we talk about a love affair after breaking up without regret?

My suggestion is:

From the beginning, take off the love filter and look at each other.

After sitting down, her boyfriend kept smiling, listening to their chat and helping to pour water.

Seeing that there was no serving, the boy called for the waiter,

After the other side explained a few words, the boy looked like a changed person, suddenly yelled loudly.

After serving, the boy turned to be considerate again,

Give Xiaozhi vegetables and help her friend pour water.

Since then, friends around him have advised Xiaozhi:

Take advantage of not long together, quickly end this relationship.

With people who are emotionally unstable, you have to suffer a lot.

But Xiaozhi didnt believe it at that time,

Can only cheat friends to break up, while secretly and boys.

You cant tell your friends that love is the beginning of hell.

People who want to tease you will pack themselves.

But its not easy to be gentle with everyone.

Luo Xiang once said in class:

When looking for a partner, dont just look at his attitude towards you.

If he is subservient to those who are in high positions and hold high spirits towards those who are in low positions,

This kind of person will expose his nature when you are less attractive to him;

And when you no longer love him, you will find that he is nothing.

Gentle and intelligent, humorous and honest,

Although you remember all his embarrassments and shortcomings,

But even after the break-up, the mention of him will still give praise first.

I have a favorite band: hedgehog.

After they broke up, they didnt stay away from each other like most people.

Instead, they continue to play the band together, even if they still fight a lot.

For Shilu, Zijian had as many shortcomings as the stars in the sky,

But his talent was like the sun, and the stars disappeared as soon as he came out.

For Yu Zijian, only Shilu can play the drum he wants.

The spark of passion will give each other a reason to be together;

Intense personality can also make two people separate again.

If after breaking up, I still think you are a very good person.

Its not a waste of time.

Cao Jun is Lan Yingyings only open love affair.

During the time when we were together, LAN Yingying recorded a little bit of sweetness in her microblog:

Endorsements, fitness, yukrili, movies, even meatcakes.

In retrospect of the past year, he has,

He is still on the wish list for the new year.

Everyone who likes you will find a way to treat you. This is the basic.

Can let you become good feelings, but can not be met.

Ang Lee once said a word:

Look at his reaction to conflict,

At that time, his true was revealed, and his ordinary days were not counted.

You who are watching, remember to remind yourself from time to time:

And what is worthy of your love is someone who is gentle to everything.