My mother, 59 year old Zhao Chunhua, married today, must be happy

 My mother, 59 year old Zhao Chunhua, married today, must be happy

She was once a gentle woman,

The reason why I put on the armor of a shrew,

Its for the people who have to protect all their lives.

Zhao Chunhua was 59 years old when she got married.

In fact, for the wedding of Ms. Zhao Chunhua, I have planned it for a long time. I have spent many times in my heart in every process, every link and every line.

I think that with my Chinese graduates, I will be able to tell the world about the true side of Ms. Zhao Chunhua.

Miss Zhao Chunhua, you must be happy.

Who would have thought that Zhao Chunhua, who is famous for her shrewdness, plunges into the river of love and turns into a flower like water.

The pungent Zhao Chunhua is my mother, I am Zhao Chunhuas only daughter.

In the long years when we lived with each other, whenever I disliked that she was not gentle enough, she argued with me: when young, who was not gentle like water, willows and willows, graceful!

Every time, she reads Na [Nu u00f3] as Na [n u00e0]. I have helped her correct it, and she will make mistakes next time.

It looks very gentle and pretty. I said.

Ms. Zhao Chunhua learned the tone of aunt Baiyun in her sketch: that guy, its quite gentle and pretty. Otherwise, Comrade Zhou Jianguo would not be begging for nothing and would have to marry me.

Comrade Zhou Jianguo is my father.

It was 1982 when Comrade Zhou Jianguo and Ms. Zhao Chunhua met.

At that time, the old moat had not been dredged, nor had it been equipped with railings. At that time, she knocked people into the smelly water of the river.

She was scared to death, but when the man climbed up, the first sentence he said was: you look so beautiful.

I have deep doubts about this statement of Ms. Zhao Chunhua

How hard does a girl have to do to knock a man into a ditch?

But Ms. Zhao Chunhua said that at that time, Comrade Zhou Jianguo, who came face to face, was deeply attracted by her beauty and temperament. She did not look at the road at all, so she was so unabashed.

Maybe she was right.

Because Comrade Zhou Jianguo really loves her.

After meeting in the stinky River Valley, Comrade Zhou Jianguo and Ms. Zhao Chunhua set up an object.

Zhou Jianguo worked as a boiler worker in a power plant. The power plant is in the north of the city, and the textile mill is in the south of the city.

In order to meet his beloved girl, Comrade Zhao Jianguo often rode through a city and stood panting on the only way for Ms. Zhao Chunhua to go home from work.

Sometimes, like a trick, he takes out a box of cream or a red scarf from his arms and hands it to a tender, shy girl

This is the way to call Ms. Zhao Chunhua.

It is said that Ms. Zhao Chunhua likes to listen to music. He asked his relatives to bring back a heavy radio from Shanghai so that she could hear Deng Lijuns decadent music every day.

Your father remembers every word I say. Countless times, Ms. Zhao Chunhua showed off half and disdainfully said to me, do you think your mother doesnt understand love? I know nothing less than you

Zhao Chunhua, who knows how to love, has not been favored by love birds all the time.

Not long after I was born, Comrade Zhou Jianguo became ill.

Zhou Jianguo, a boiler worker, left the year after suffering from lung cancer. I was only 6 years old. I was still an ignorant child.

I asked Ms. Zhao Chunhua: Mom, dad is dead, will not come back again?

Yes. But we can go to him.

Well, when are we going to get old?

Its like every mother has their own flavor.

However, I thought that from then on, I would never be able to sit on the beam of Comrade Zhou Jianguos bicycle and take off like a bird; I would no longer be able to ride on his neck and go to the peoples Square to watch an open-air movie;

I cant take the stones he grinds for me, the iron rings that he made, and the shortened rope skipping. I cant say look, this is what my father made for me to the monkey children in the family home of the power plant.

You have, you always have. Ms. Zhao Chunhua cried, your father is gone, which doesnt mean you dont have a father. You used to have a father, now you have a father, and you will have a father in the future.

Many years later, I grew up to be a big girl, and then I realized the deep meaning of Ms. Zhao Chunhuas words:

Admit that you have it, you can do it, you deserve it, you will have it, you can, you deserve it.

When I was skipping rope with those monkey children in the courtyard, a girl named Lei tripped and broke her lip.

She insisted that I was deliberately tripping her. Her mother came to hear the news and said that I was trying to knock her daughter to death, which made people in the family home come out to see the excitement.

Ms. Zhao Chunhua also heard the news, said whether it was intentional or unintentional, as long as there was no major obstacle.

This sentence, all of a sudden Zhao Chunhua irritated.

Ive never seen Ms. Zhao Chunhua so fierce that I cry in horror.

Ms. Zhao Chunhua loosened Lei Mas collar and took my hand to go home. She deliberately said out loud:

Later, I learned that the reason why Leis mother treated me and Zhao Chunhua so much was that after Comrade Zhou Jianguo was away, Leis father once bought coal briquettes for our family twice.

Whats wrong with widows?

The battle between Zhao Chunhua and Lei Ma has led to three particularly significant impacts

2u3001 The girl named Lei didnt play with me any more until we became home and met on the street and complained about our men and children.

3u3001 Originally soft and weak Zhao Chunhua, since then, has become a shrewd woman walking with murderous spirit.

Ms. Zhao Chunhua, who had never done heavy physical work, learned to carry coal balls, carry liquefied gas, buy rice and noodles, and climb from the first floor to the third floor.

Under the age of 30, she still looks good, and refuses to please and help all the married uncles and uncles in the power plant family home.

Even Zhou Jianguos best friend, she deliberately kept a distance.

When I was young, I didnt understand the indifference of Ms. Zhao Chunhuas life as a nun of extinction.

Later, when I became a married woman, I saw with my own eyes that those married, divorced and widowed women were misunderstood, beaten and stigmatized because they didnt understand the boundary. Only then did I gradually understand the soberness of Ms. Zhao Chunhua

The reason why she lived as a team was because she was proud and lonely.

When I was 10 years old, my grandfather was also sick.

On his deathbed, he took his little daughter Zhao Chunhuas hand and said, Erni, what Im most worried about is you. Youre alone. Its too hard.

There are also relatives, matchmakers for Zhao Chunhua, unmarried, divorced, widowed, but all of them are fate passing by.

Mom, if you dont get married, am I holding you back? I asked.

How can you be so capable. I dont like these people. I cant forget your father. I cant forget his kindness to me.

This woman, once flattered by a man, doesnt want to make do with it at all.

After Comrade Zhou Jianguo left, I became a small follower called by Ms. Zhao Chunhua.

But Ms. Zhao Chunhua likes to help others

Zhao Chunhua has to be busy when he meets those who have lost their way, who have lost their wallets, beggars, or who come from the countryside to sell fruits and vegetables.

Every new years festival, the clever Zhao Chunhua, when making new clothes for me, will also make a set for grandma sun.

Your mother is a good man. Said Grandma sun.

Before I grew up, Ms. Zhao Chunhua was laid off.

When the textile factory closed down, she and a large group of old colleagues had to find a new way out.

When the curtain shop is too busy to leave, I will finish my homework, put the food in the incubator, cross the road, and send it to Zhao Chunhuas shop.

After dinner, Zhao Chunhua wiped his mouth, stepped on the sewing machine, and went to work.

Zhao Chunhua seldom cares about my study and never compares me with other childrens children. Her favorite saying is: mothers education level is not high, you can do your best.

Looking at the rough, busy and no longer young Zhao Chunhua in front of me, and Zhao Chunhua, who is gentle, dignified and foreign-looking in the old photos, the difference is getting bigger and bigger. I think of Comrade Zhou Jianguo, when he was critically ill, touched my little hand with his skinny hand, saying:

Girl, you should study hard in the future.

From then on, I began to study hard.

Zhao Chunhua worked overtime at night. I was tired of reading books. Standing on the balcony and looking at the lights in the curtain shop, I felt very at ease.

Most of the time, Zhao Chunhua can close the shop early, or take some odd work back to do at home.

Although, in the eyes of outsiders, she lives more and more like a hedgehog:

I had a quarrel with a competitor who deliberately blocked up the garbage at the door of my shop; I had a quarrel with the owner of a video shop who went to my store to talk about pornographic jokes when he had something to do. He took the two bear children who robbed me of my pocket money on the way to school and sent them to the police station

But in my eyes, Ms. Zhao Chunhua is more and more beautiful.

The more I grow up, the more I can see the beauty beyond age and gender

She grew from a little woman to a big one.

In her own way, she defended the boundaries and dignity of herself, and also gave me a stable home.

On the day I received the college admission notice, Ms. Zhao Chunhua closed her shop for a week and took me to Yunnan. When Comrade Zhou Jianguo was alive, he said he would bring her here.

On the Bank of Erhai Lake in Dali, Ms. Zhao Chunhua yelled at a blue wave: Zhou Jianguo, Niuniu is admitted to university!

I know, Ms. Zhao Chunhua, you are working hard. I love you!

After the University, I want to work study, Ms. Zhao Chunhua disagrees: your mother can still earn money to support you, you just have to study hard.

Fortunately, I got good grades and got a scholarship every year.

Ms. Zhao Chunhua was very happy when she knew that: when Niu became a family, I would close the curtain shop and go to the University for the aged.

But later, when I graduated, my boyfriend, who had agreed to work with me, followed the arrangement of my parents and went back to my hometown in Shandong and soon talked about a new girlfriend.

I was so sad that she told me for the first time that she had a first love before she met Zhou Jianguo

The boy, 3 years older than Zhao Chunhua, died of his mother early, and had two younger brothers, only two blocks away from my grandmothers.

In middle school, he liked Zhao Chunhua, often waiting for Zhao Chunhua in my grandmothers lane. Muddleheaded, Zhao Chunhua also likes him a little.

But my grandparents disagreed, because Zhao Chunhua had to be a mother for their family. It was too hard to live.

Later, Zhao Chunhua met my father. Later, my dad left us both.

Do you hate grandparents? I asked Zhao Chunhua.

Under the influence of Ms. Zhao Chunhuas personal statement, I soon got out of love. After graduating from University, I went home to teach and met my husband who was a civil servant.

Its amazing that we both met because of an accident

I came back from work by bike and was hit by a motorcycle driver. He didnt hurt me. He had to take me to the hospital.

After going to the hospital for examination, he was not at ease. He asked me again and again, how is your health OK?

I was moved by his magnanimity. From his warm and generous appearance, I thought of Zhou Jianguo, who left me at the age of 6

Is it that Zhou Jianguo sent him to protect me?

After we were good, I learned that his mother was a customer of Chunhua curtain shop, and his father was the nephew of my granddaughter downstairs.

Long before we fell in love, when they went to see grandma sun, they heard a lot of stories about Ms. Zhao Chunhua.

Your mother is a good man. The first time I went to my husbands house, my parents said so.

At that moment, I remembered an old saying:

Good people will get good results.

Although, over the years, the store has grown, the business is getting better and better, and two helpers have been recruited, but I think it is time for Ms. Zhao Chunhua to have a rest.

But she disagreed: Im too busy.

It wasnt until later that I went to see her in the shop and ran into uncle Han, who was about the same age as her, that she was reluctant to close the curtain shop. Maybe she was waiting for someone

Uncle Han is the first love of Zhao Chunhua.

His old wife has been gone for five or six years.

The wrinkled face of Ms. Zhao Chunhua was as shy and bright as a girl in her eyes. When she saw me, she was like a girl student in love who was caught by her parents

The old house is going to catch fire.

Since then, I found that Zhao Chunhua has changed

She became love to smile, more words, more enthusiasm, no longer like a hedgehog, see everyone erect all over the thorn.

And life, and prejudice, and rumors, against half of her life, in the most beautiful sunset red, gradually relaxed.

Her transformation made me understand for the first time:

It turns out that she has been lonely for a long time, in fact, has been in need of care and warmth.

And this kind of protection can not be given by Zhou Jianguo of another world or me of this world.

Half a year later, on national day, Ms. Zhao Chunhua put on her wedding dress for the first time and married uncle Han.

At the wedding, when I handed the hand of Ms. Zhao Chunhua to Uncle Han, I thought of Zhou Jianguo again.

Therefore, I gave up the lines I had prepared before, imitated his tone and said that:

Miss Zhao Chunhua, you must be happy.

On the night of Ms. Zhao Chunhuas marriage, I once again dreamed of Comrade Zhou Jianguo.

As I was a child, he touched my head and said, thank you for marrying Ms. Zhao Chunhua.

I asked him again: Dad, my mother got married, arent you sad?

When I woke up from my dream, I looked at the children and men who fell asleep safely beside me. For the first time, I felt honored for my parents

Comrade Zhou Jianguo is really a good comrade.

Ms. Zhao Chunhua, she is really a good woman.

Because, in this world, the best love is not possession, but accomplishment; it is not ambiguous, but magnanimous; it is not without pain, but through pain; it is not day and night, but on earth.

u2014u2014The end is another beginning -u2014u2014

The picture in this issue is from love in the 1980s