My girlfriend is a robot

 My girlfriend is a robot

Xin Zhilei holds a plate full of seasoning cans and tableware, and the cake before tasting falls on the table. The objects in her hands are also on the edge of danger. However, she still keeps a mechanical smile on her face. As a newcomer to human society, she behaves strangely. The invariable smile behind her also indicates that she is a robot woman who does not understand feelings and lacks emotions Friends. The pink stickers, which represent Bauer, are full of laughter, eating hamburgers and looking at the crumbling dishes in horror.

Bao Beixin Zhilei accepts strange and understands true love

The poster shows a corner of life. We can see that Bao bell, who has rich emotions, is constantly thinking about how to let her girlfriend learn to love and know how to love. However, the ignorant Xin Zhilei is determined to take good care of her boyfriends life, even if there is always an Oolong due to different brain circuits of ordinary people. When change meets unchangeable, when love meets do not understand love, how to accept each others strangeness and integrate into each others life is more thought-provoking.

The contrasting relationship between the two is more perfect in line with the contemporary young peoples love mode. In the process of continuous running in, they accept each others strange things. On the journey of growing up together, they know how to love and learn to love, which is the required course for each pair of lovers.

My girlfriend is a robot will be released nationwide on September 11.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020