Suits and shorts are so versatile! Can be handsome or elegant

 Suits and shorts are so versatile! Can be handsome or elegant

Suits and shorts stars private clothes are also very high, such as Xiao Songs leather suit and shorts with the same color shirt and short sleeves, more of a big womans domineering!

There is also Xiao Shens 5-point high waist suit and shorts with T-shirt, shirt and dads shoes and socks. It has a kind of academic style!

1. How to choose suit shorts?

5 points Suit Shorts, on the height of the test, so long and the length of the middle of the thigh above the knee is not picky!

Choose this kind of wide leg high waist and basic color system is the most stable, black is the first choice, that is to show legs thin legs long and good collocation!

If you think the basic color system is too monotonous, then lively partners can also come to light up the color, such as the pink cotton fabric of the suit and shorts are more suitable for the girl route, romantic dream!

And this kind of more slim Suit Shorts, for the crotch wide waist more plump little partner is not very friendly, if you have a good figure, wear this suit shorts on the extra thin!

2. The whole set is the most comfortable

If you want to save time and effort, you can wear a complete set of clothes without much thinking. It can be very fashionable, that is, some bright colors. If you wear it, you will have more trouble. If you wear it, you can both be fashionable and keep warm!

Suits, shorts and suits are a classic group. They retain the formal atmosphere and bring dynamism. Its no problem for small partners to control them. When wearing bright colors in a complete set, you can have a little bit of care inside. Its more fashionable and unusual!

For example, basic colors or advanced earth colors are more suitable for daily commuting or formal occasions. Loose design will make people more comfortable and leisure look younger!

A black department cool handsome and thin, like to take a handsome route of small partners, so head to toe a black, absolutely classic!

2. Shirt + Suit Shorts

Simple white shirt with basic Suit Shorts, casual can create a high-level feeling, gently tuck the shirt into the waist, it is very natural and unrestrained!

3. T-shirt + Suit Shorts

Universal T-shirts always match any bottoms. If you choose the same color system, you can divide the materials into several parts, such as simple letters in bold with leather suit and shorts, which will be more high-end!

Cotton hemp texture of White Suit Shorts more original ecology, small and fresh, with a black short sleeve polo shirt, in casual and quiet!