These all-purpose items contract your whole autumn look!

 These all-purpose items contract your whole autumn look!

When it comes to autumn how to wear, I believe many people began to be confused: what to buy? How to match?. Thinking about it, it seems that there is no special style to choose in autumn

But in fact, referring to the style orientation guide weve posted in the past, its not difficult to find that there are two styles that fit the low-key and gentle feeling of autumn: gentle and elegant style & Natural casual style.

Gentle and elegant wind, not publicity, not impetuous, belonging to the temperament of no attack. It exudes a light gentle breath, at the same time, it is elegant and solemn, which makes people feel full of feminine flavor

The natural casual wind, compared with gentle and elegant wind, will be more easygoing and lazy, reducing the sense of calm. The heart collocation also can let the human eye shine

In autumn, I want to wear these two versatile styles, but I dont know what to buy and how to match them? In fact, it is not difficult at all, some seemingly unimportant basic models can be easily achieved

When it comes to the solid color long sleeve shirt, the first thing many people think of is the basic white shirt. However, such a classic and versatile style cant escape the impression of mediocrity and stereotype, so its hard to wear well

If you want to pursue elegance and gentleness, you can try chiffon long sleeve shirt without placket, which not only avoids the rigidity of conventional shirt, but also smoothes out the neutral nature of the shirt, so as to make it gentle and elegant

Since you want to go gentle and elegant style, you cant match too much. For example, solid color half skirt + solid color unbuttoned shirt, using simple large color blocks to contrast colors, is it gentle and gentle?

If you want to further pursue femininity and want to wear more gorgeous, you can also use a white shirt with a dark and bright half skirt, so that the complicated and simple, the upper body will not be too flamboyant, and the retro can be mixed with a bit of tenderness

Although gentle and elegant style is just right in the workplace, it sometimes seems too sophisticated in daily life. Therefore, it is more recommended to have a loose and long design. The vertical line feeling can make the whole body not too warm

On collocation, it can be as open as the left figure, revealing the inside, and wearing more casual personality. You can also button up all the buttons like the picture on the right, which is a strong literary style

If you dont like to wear too loose, you can try to make waistline. With the blessing of the belt, you will be more energetic and energetic. As for the color of the belt, it can be universal black, or it can be the same color as the shirt. Isnt it very useful?

If you look at the clothes of Ma Dou, its not hard to find that their half skirts in autumn are actually pleated skirts.

For office workers, choosing pleated skirt, the earth color will be more safe, low-key color is not outstanding, combined with smart pleated skirt, elegant temperament seems to be more stable

After a period of time, the weather is colder. A suitable knitted jacket is the only choice. It can not only keep warm and cold, but also make the hairy fabric more gentle and feminine

Because pleated skirt itself is a little mature piece, so if you want to wear more casual and natural, youd better start directly from the color. Take a look at the two looks below. When pleated skirt meets the bright color, is the painting style relaxed and lively?

In addition, you can also try the pleated skirt with printed elements, as well as leather fabric, which makes people shine. Especially leather pleated skirt, can wear a little cool

In addition to the skirt, of course, autumn also need pants to resist the cold wind. At this time, the most indispensable trousers should be high waist and wide leg pants. Not only can pull long legs to cover up insufficient, but also can easily walk in different styles without stepping on thunder, which is really wonderful

For example, if you dont know what to wear at work, you can try Brown wide leg pants + shirt or Khaki wide leg pants + sweater. Dark trousers show mature, the lighter color of the solid color jacket appears gentle, elegant and will not mature too much

Think the color on the top is too heavy? Try white shirt + grey trousers. Whether wide leg pants or slim straight pants, the sense of age will not be too heavy. It is absolutely not wrong for young people to wear them at work

If you still think this kind of collocation is too much of a brain, you can also directly choose the two-piece suit of the same color system. If you want to match with a solid color inside, it will still be elegant and generous, and it will give people a feeling of being able to wear it

However, wide leg pants are so versatile. In addition to wearing them at work, they always go out of the street with casual items, such as striped T-shirt + wide leg pants. On this basis, with small white shoes more casual style, with pointed small high heels more agile sense

Be bold. You can also try to mix and match. For example, sports casual coat + wide leg pants, or short sleeve T-shirt + wide leg pants on the right can neutralize the sophistication of pants

Want to wear more freedom? Get a pair of jeans High Waist Wide Leg Pants! It has its own street style, can suppress the sense of formality, commute daily choice is OK

Moreover, such jeans wide leg pants, with the basic candy color long sleeves, get the aging effect in minutes. Tell you secretly, such dress wont have the suspicion of pretending tender at all

In autumn, there are a lot of coats to choose from, but short cardigans are rarely versatile. It can not only walk in different styles, but also wear a variety of methods. There is a piece of it in autumn, almost no need to worry about wearing it

Want to be more feminine? Its better to button up the cardigan directly as a jacket, which can fit the body shape and have more curvilinear beauty

Or, choose a solid color dress to wear directly. More innovative, you can also tie the bottom of the cardigan, like a clever girl

In addition to skirt + cardigan, you can also try pants + cardigan. Dont forget, the V-neck formed by cardigan is just suitable for tying a silk scarf, which is more feminine

Of course, cardigans can be used as tops, but there are also more natural ways to wear them: as shawls

In addition, office workers all know that shirt + straight pants is the standard configuration in the workplace, but it is also easy to wear rigidly. Is it more approachable to put one more sweater on the shoulder?

Or the very common short sleeve + Half skirt, after tying the cardigan at the neckline, you can obviously feel that your whole body will not be old-fashioned and mature, full of leisure energy from head to toe

In autumn with a bit of cool wind, ordinary skirt sometimes is not warm enough, with coat, it will be a little sultry. The knitted skirt just solves the problem of how hot to wear and how cold to wear. You dont have to worry about collocation, so you can wear it well

In particular, the classic black knitted skirt is more mature and feminine. Random exposure of small areas of skin, or with a color contrast bag, will not appear boring

If the temperature is cooler, dont miss the knitted skirt with a high collar. The intellectual elegance is still the same. But remember that the whole body has a certain degree of skin exposure, whether it is exposed wrist or a leg, can make the whole body more breathable

If the neck is not long enough, this kind of half high collar knitted skirt will actually be more suitable. If you feel dark and dull, you can also wear a white shirt inside to show the neckline and cuffs. Does it have a brightening effect?

If you want to wear more casual when you go shopping, you dont have to worry too much when you go shopping. You just need some neutral items, such as jeans or loose coat, to balance the solemnity of knitted skirts

If you are worried that the style contrast is too big, you might as well try Martin boots or sports shoes. Although it is a street leisure attribute, but due to the small area, it will not be too different with the knitted skirt

If you like to wear simple, you prefer the fixed style of dress and high-heeled shoes at the same time. Its better to start from the color of skirt, low saturation bright color system, will sweep away the sense of sophistication

To tell you the truth, when you start to think about how to wear it, you will always buy it when you see a good-looking model. But most of the time, it will be pressed at the bottom of the box if you wear it once or twice. Later, I found that dressing is not to follow the trend blindly. The basic styles already in the wardrobe can actually be dressed beautifully.