How can you look like Gu Jia and be noble?

 How can you look like Gu Jia and be noble?

In this picture, Xiaoqin, Gu Jia, and Mani, although they all look good-looking, are in a different state.

Both Xiaoqin and Manni wear casual and soft fabrics, so they look more comfortable and natural, but lack of contrast.

Therefore, the clothing has the shape, runs through Gu Jia to wear from beginning to end, even the casual clothing is no exception.

Simple white shirt + jeans + black bag, it looks like an insignificant match.

But because of the stiffness of the shirt, it becomes very eye-catching.

High count cotton and other cotton with a relatively large number of pounds can be concise and patterned. Absolutely will not be soft on the body, but with its own version and aura, walking with wind.

This white shirt also has the same effect. It is not only different from the common micro transparent and soft collapse in the market, but also comes with a high-grade photosensitive ring.

Although the top is advanced, it tends to be more concise. If it is matched with the same simple grey hip skirt, it is easy to look old-fashioned at the same time.

Therefore, Gu Jia directly changed the traditional style of buttock skirt, adding the overall sense of fashion through fold design and asymmetric fan fold.

2. If the material of clothes is glossy, it can also enhance the noble spirit

Gu Jia in the play, there are countless sets of shiny clothes to wear, whether it is a natural Pleated Dress.

Or a shirt.

Even pajamas, will be full of luster, it seems to be completely casual, reflecting the noble spirit.

Dousha green also sets off the skin color, whether it is black, white, or yellow skin, can be easily controlled.

After knowing Haiwang, Wang mani naturally changed her dress from working class to luxury. Her champagne dress was also full of luster, reflecting her luxurious temperament.

This kind of glossy fabric, not too expensive, only need to limit the collar in satin, mercerized cotton and so on.

3. The color of suits and windbreaker should not be limited to black, white and gray

In particular, suits, dont always wear black and white gray, although they are indeed versatile, but easy to limit people in stereotypes.

Xiaoqins black work suit and manis luxury shop assistants suit are all black.

Gu Jia did not wear black, but used a blue suit to reflect his youth and peace.

Windbreaker is also the same, haze blue windbreaker, will always be more personalized than Beige windbreaker, more easily foil temperament.

4. A piece of color, will be more expensive

Gu Jia seldom wears rich colors or contrast colors in her daily wear.

Its a very fixed color.

The so-called one-piece color means that almost the whole body will maintain the same hue, and the saturation of clothes will not be too high.

But through the light, soft color and material, to reflect the sense of noble spirit.

If you also like to draw eyebrows and lipstick, you can try Gu Jias navy blue elegant or champagne dress.

After all, its still dark.