Really noble women dont wear sandals under their skirts

 Really noble women dont wear sandals under their skirts

And the right picture female with red nail polish, the foot appears to be delicate at once, so that peoples eyes can not ignore the gorgeous red.

Therefore, in the case of no nail polish, a real noble woman will not wear sandals under skirts.

Gu Jia and Wang mani in the recent hit thirty are outstanding representatives of wearing boat shoes.

Before going to Europe, she bought a pair of luxury shoes with a discount of 4000 yuan. It has to be said that Wang mani has excellent vision.

Its good-looking elements not only in the exquisite square buckle, slightly cocked toe, let the curve of the shoes more perfect, but also lies in its advanced color.

Green with obvious gray tone, full of mature womens advanced sense and introverted feeling, at first glance, it doesnt feel green, but needs to be carefully tasted, in the aftertaste to feel its gentle and elegant.

White dress and this gray dress, Manni are all with this pair of shoes for collocation, do not need to consider whether the tone is harmonious, because their shoes are versatile colors.

Gray as the main character, slightly with green phase, this kind of color saturation is not high, the effect of supporting role is too enough, no matter wearing the same soft and elegant Dousha red, soft purple, even the publicity of scarlet, goose yellow, you can easily match.

2. Find a color on your clothes

This method is actually the method we often use. When wearing a black skirt, you can match it with black shoes. When wearing a white shirt, white shoes also have no sense of disobedience.

In fact, its the same principle. Choose a color on your body.

If you are worried about the bad match of champagne shoes, dont forget that our skin color is beige white, and we cant find a color on the clothes, we should start with the skin color.

This is a very personalized way to match, we will wear black down jacket + red scarf in winter, but few people wear black down jacket + red boots.

In fact, the effect of color matching is exactly the same, but the former is more easily accepted, and the latter is only willing to try for women who like fashion.

Wang manis white dress + Red Shoes collocation, it is a good interpretation of the red highlights.

White dress version is relatively loose, through the belt to achieve the effect of natural gathering, a little casual, a little casual, if you match black shoes, easy to become passers-by, no bright spots.

And red shoes, in highlighting the noble temperament at the same time, there is a little bit of personality.