Wang mani asks you to pay attention to five notices when buying windbreaker in autumn

 Wang mani asks you to pay attention to five notices when buying windbreaker in autumn

(1) Its a mature color

Beige is a very mature color, including beige, beige, beige, etc. It is more suitable for mature women over the age of 33, or relatively mature and bright looking women.

(2) Yellow skin and black skin are not suitable for wearing it

Although the saturation is reduced, beige still belongs to the category of warm colors. When Manny and her ex boyfriend and the whole background are mainly beige, you will feel that their faces are a little yellow.

Blue windbreaker can perfectly avoid the problem of beige windbreaker.

Women under the age of 33 can try light blue or sky blue, which is clean and intelligent, working and leisure.

Women over 33 years old, try haze blue or grey lake blue, intellectually elegant, very atmospheric. If youre worried about being fat, youll have a darker blue, and navy blue is also very thin.

Wang manis blue windbreaker is slightly more gorgeous than Gu Jias. although the original gray ratio is maintained, Manis blue windbreaker is obviously more fashionable, with stronger color sense, and Gu Jias is more elegant.

If you have already started with beige windbreaker, you can replace it with blue and blue-green shirt, and use cold color inside to offset the maturity of beige windbreaker and the unfriendliness to yellow and black leather.

2. Hooded windbreaker: more leisurely style

Windbreaker always brings the effect of being able and strong, which is very suitable for urban women. But if the windbreaker is a Hoodie style, its a different story.

No matter whether the fabric of Hoodie and windbreaker is stiff or not, H-type, O-type or X-type waistcoat will appear casual and casual.

When the style is large, the sense of randomness will be stronger.

Even if the fabric is relatively stiff, it will be more compatible and casual.

3. Soft collar: friendly and gentle

There are customers around who complain that wearing Burberry style windbreaker makes them look dull and ugly.

This is probably caused by the round line of facial features and contour, if the facial features are relatively soft, angular feeling is not strong, cheekbones are not prominent, it is really difficult to control the hard collar type.

Change to a softer collar, it will instantly meet their temperament.

Or just wear it as a dress, wear it with a belt to create elegant style, not to wear a belt to create an overarching sexy.

However, it should be noted that if the collar is too soft and draping, the bottom should be as simple as possible. Gu Jias skirt is too complicated, which leads to the visual pull-down, and people will appear very wordy.

The checkered pattern on Wang mani makes the windbreaker look very cool.

The irregular pattern of flowers and vines will increase the artistic atmosphere.

This year, the design of Little Daisy is very popular. It will set off any color with ease and happiness, even beige is no exception.

5. If you want to be professional and handsome: you need to add some tough elements

Large flat lapel, epaulet, double breasted and stiff fabrics can instantly show the strength, professionalism and competence of the windbreaker.

No matter it is the windbreaker with lapel or stand collar, it will follow this point. But the more like this kind of linear windbreaker, the more you should pay attention to whether you are suitable.

It is more suitable for women with three-dimensional facial features, prominent cheekbones and obvious chin lines.