Suit coat with short skirt for a clean and clean style

 Suit coat with short skirt for a clean and clean style

What are the categories of suits

There are still many types of suits, which show different fashion tastes when wearing them. What are the specific classifications? Next, lets have a look together, like the girls, then go on to look down


Casual suits are simple and casual, and bring a sense of frankness. To create a simple beauty, you can wear it with a small shirt, and it looks comfortable and comfortable. This type of suit is very popular in our daily life. It is also one of the favorite items of many fashion girls. No matter how it is matched, it can wear its own unique fashion flavor, which is very eye-catching

Loose style

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As a very formal type of suit, many times it appears in the workplace, wearing it looks dignified atmosphere, and very intellectual charm. If the shirt is matched with temperament inside, it seems to have a rigorous sense of workplace atmosphere. The lower body can be a short skirt with buttocks, or a suit and trousers of the same color or color contrast department. The combination of such wearing and matching is also very interesting

After reading the classification of suits and coats, what are the classifications of short skirts? Different styles present different visual sense, but also cater to the preferences of different girls. Combined with different pieces, it shows a distinctive fashion flavor and full of fashion style everywhere

Bra style

The short skirt with bra style has a sexy and charming flavor. It looks enchanting and beautiful. This style of short skirt is a favorite item of many mature girls. Whether it is worn alone or as an inner upper garment, it can be worn with its own unique temperament. In different occasions, it is super eye-catching and easy to earn a return rate

Sling style

The short skirt with suspender style shows some sexy and charming skin, creating a faint feminine flavor, which makes people feel very attractive when they see it. If you wear it alone, it will appear more enchanting and quiet beauty. If you put on a pair of high-heeled shoes with temperament, you can easily wear your unique feminine taste, and show your tenderness in different scenes

V-neck style

Suit + skirt recommendation

Suits and skirts are different in wearing and matching, which create a distinctive sense of fashion. And a variety of different wear, revealed by the sense of fashion is also a bit different, you can easily wear their own unique temperament to come, the following to see together

The same color

The combination of dark suit and short skirt gives people a subtle and introverted feeling. The upper body looks simple and generous, and there is some steady flavor. Such a combination of wear, for the workplace girls, is also super suitable, casual wear comfortable casual shoes upper body, as a day-to-day out of the dress up, also appears to be very timely

The whole body is a way of wearing a color, which is also welcomed by many girls. It looks simple and generous, but also super fashionable. The overall sense of coordination is also very strong, suits and skirts, as well as bags and shoes are the same color, such a combination to create a full of fashion charm, the upper body is very out of the ordinary

If you think that the same color of the suit skirt, wear a long time feel too monotonous, then in the other combination of pieces above the article. For example, bags and shoes, or some necklaces and earrings, use color contrast to match them, so the whole fashion sense will come out, and you wont feel too single

Suits and skirts are not only suitable for wearing in the workplace, but also common in daily life. It looks chic and elegant, showing a bit of neat feeling. It is also popular with many fashionable girls. If you wear a pair of handsome sunglasses, you can easily go out of the street to stink, and easily gain a full rate of return

The combination of suits and skirts with soft colors is elegant and charming, showing some gentle feminine taste. This kind of color suits and short skirt suits, the upper body will appear to have a sense of age reduction, whether it is small girls or big women are more like

The use of different color contrast combination of suits and skirts, visual sense will become more rich, wearing it also appears very fashionable. Moreover, the sense of hierarchy is also very strong. With different shoes and bags, it is easy to create a fashionable and foreign-style tone. In different occasions, it is very out of the ordinary. This kind of dress is also popular with many girls

Blazer with print skirt

Suit coat + skirt + boots

The combination of suit coat and skirt is fashionable and simple. With a pair of comfortable and elegant boots, the overall feeling will be super fashionable. This kind of dress is very common in the early autumn season

How does the star match the suit and skirt

Stars in the suit and skirt collocation above, is also a variety of patterns, such as the above wearing style can be seen. And some stars clothing also appears to be more innovative, easy to create that unique charm