The essential shoes for early autumn, I have put together three fashionable looks

 The essential shoes for early autumn, I have put together three fashionable looks

The first choice for comfort is canvas shoes. I often wear them when I go to school. But now I have been working for several years, so I can capture my heart with both comfort and light familiarity.

In autumn, I would like to recommend to you my favorite shoes Muller shoes.

Simple and good collocation, walking is not tiring, the key style is changeable, elegant French or independent big woman, it can do whatever you want.

Muller shoes, originally referring to the shoes that cover the instep and expose the heel, now there are also open toe or pointed shoes, but this point has never changed.

The reason why I like Muller shoes is very simple. I can put them on and walk with my feet stretched out. It doesnt need any effort. Its very suitable for lazy people!

I cant love you enough~

What style is popular now?

There are probably three types of Muller shoes on the market now.

u258f heavy heeled Muller shoes

This kind of shoes is a little like the improved version of lefook shoes. The square head style is retro and dignified, which can be held even in formal occasions.

Plus the design of thick heel will let the overall look at ol wind a little, light ripe and temperament.

The only drawback is that the front foot is wrapped around it. For the foot wide star people, there may be problems of squeezing and grinding feet.

However, this is only a small problem, each time before wearing a layer of anti-wear paste on OK.

At first glance, this Muller shoe may be considered as ordinary high-heeled shoes, but the design with exposed heel cushions the femininity of the former and becomes more languid.

Its a great match for a feminine skirt. Its elegant.

But its more colorful to wear jeans with dad. Its a little bit of balance.

Because of the small wrapping area of the front foot, I cant keep up with the foot when walking

To be exact, this kind of shoes can only be regarded as square sandals. After all, the traditional Muller shoes do not show their toes, but they cant stand up to fashion. This summer, they have become popular all over the street.

Because the front is a common piece, most of these shoes will make some patterns on the heel. The thick heel is standard, and the thin heel of various shapes is also eye-catching.

Also want to be more fashionable, spherical, transparent and metal heel are the current fashion.

What would I do with Muller shoes?

Although it is clear that all kinds of knitting and special-shaped elements are the popular styles of Muller shoes, I still prefer simple basic style.

So around, or start such a pair of rough look flat, look at very clever square head Muller shoes.

Warm cream color, with crocodile small square pattern, will be versatile and fashionable combination of the right, and then decorated with metal buckle, feel both elegant and handsome.

u258f elegant French style

On second thought, the joy of dressing is not just about tossing and tossing. Its boring to confine yourself in a small personal world.

As a result, there is a little white dress you saw some time ago. You can walk on a pair of cream Muller shoes and run on the green grass. You will become a girl indeed.

u258f simple ol style

These two days, walking outside in the cool wind, this has the reality of dog days, so I cant wait to put on a thin suit.

With a blue shirt and pipe pants, the blue and white color matching is really small and fresh at any time. Such ol style is not serious and temperament, and the workplace Er can learn from it.

For the southern partners, take off the coat to wear this, is also suitable for the early autumn season, the same durable and harmonious.

Especially leather shoes, we recommend you to choose cowhide, comfortable at the same time not easy to crease, softer than PU leather, not tired after a day.

u258f temperament leisure style

Like Muller shoes can not do without my lazy nature.

City beauty lazy is also hidden fashion, careful opportunity~

Add a belt and silk scarf, the highlight also has, a Japanese temperament look is easy to create.

What shoes do you want to buy in early autumn? I hope that after reading the article today, I will plant grass to Muller shoes. Ha ha, be a lazy and fashionable girl together.