Try this years hottest padded vest before summer is over

 Try this years hottest padded vest before summer is over

This padded vest, also known as muscletee, is enough to express the position of the designer and the wearer.

White, simple and fashionable

Pure white shoulder padded vest is the most common, with a pair of pants of the same color, extremely simple style high-level sense will come. This shoulder line makes the whole look strong, which is in line with the most popular concept.

With a black pants, classic black and white matching, simple enough personality fashion.

The trousers with leather are also very eye-catching. The soft top material neutralizes the stiffness of leather, which is good-looking and thin.

Any ordinary basic jeans can create a casual and natural fashion atmosphere.

Shoulder pads are also suitable for office ladies. Straight lines meet your formal needs. With a suit pants, and a pair of high-heeled shoes with the same simple lines, elegant and handsome!

Remember to use metal ornaments to embellish, more fashion attitude.

As soon as you wear sunglasses, the feeling of a sexy big woman will come. Remember to improve the waistline and make the whole look completely exquisite.

If you think its monotonous, you can match it with a pair of bright colored pants and shoulder pads. If you have fan Er, you can go to the street to take photos immediately!

Or do DIY design on the hem of the shoulder pad vest to gain the perfect shoulder line and at the same time, it can also slide the whole court.

Dark color is cool and cool

When it comes to my sister faners aura, I have to mention my favorite black shoulder padded vest.

A black look is stylish and thin. Shoulder pad design can optimize the shoulder ratio and make the whole person look more powerful.

Pair with simple casual jeans to give this summer a cool taste.

Earth color with a slightly neutral design of shoulder pads vest, plus the right accessories, it is too SA.

Not cool not out of the street girls, look at the dark green shoulder pads vest ah! This does not emphasize the curve, but pay attention to the proportion of asexual do not wear, and a variety of conspicuous metal accessories together, there is quite a free and easy momentum.

Candy color lovely wind

Bright yellow shoulder pads vest and jeans are also super match - not only handsome with sex, but also a sense of retro lost.

In addition to yellow, there are also many bloggers pick other bright colors, with simple jeans can make people feel refreshing.