Female teachers and students report being molested by principals

 Female teachers and students report being molested by principals

A principal of a school in Fujian is accused of abusing his power to molest a female teacher

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Principal of a school in Fujian is accused of abusing his power to molest female teachers. Education Bureau: suspension investigation (source: original)

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The kind grandfather repeatedly molested girls and witnessed the scene

Modern Express News (correspondent Ni Dongwei, reporter Yan Junchen) in December 2019, Huang Li, who lives in Qidong City, once again heard her daughter, ye Qian, say that her lower body was uncomfortable. She inquired that her daughter had been repeatedly molested by a 60 year old man who had a day care class. Huang Li chose to call the police. After investigation, this afternoon nursery class has a number of girls were molested, ye Qian is just one of them. The reporter of Modern Express learned that in July 2020, Qidong peoples court made a first instance judgment on the child molestation case, and Zhang Qunhui, the operator of the lunch class, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for committing the crime of child molestation.

Child molested in afternoon nursery

What ye Qian didnt expect was that the seemingly benevolent grandfather Zhang was about to stretch out his evil hand to her. In Ye Qians memory, grandfather Zhang first touched himself in grade one, wearing a long sleeve T-shirt and elastic jeans. In grandfather Zhangs room, other children are playing with dolls. From the back, he holds himself on the bed playing with puzzles. He sits on grandfather Zhangs legs, touches them across his pants, and then reaches into his pants with his hands.

Ye Qian didnt dare to tell her parents, but she told Gu Shiwen, who was in the afternoon class. Gu Shiwens response surprised Ye Qian, I was also touched by grandfather Zhang.

Huang Li realized that her daughter had been molested. On December 12, Huang Li called the police.

On the same day, Zhang Qunhui was arrested by the public security organs. After being brought to justice, Zhang Qunhui did not truthfully state the facts of the crime.

Multiple children witnessed the scene

With the deepening of the investigation by the public security organs, it was found that besides Ye Qian and Gu Shiwen, there were also Gu Shiwens classmate Wang Yun.

Gu Shiwen and Wang Yun from the first grade to the third grade, both in the afternoon class run by Zhang Qunhui. According to the description of Gu Shiwen and Wang Yun, they were first molested by Zhang Qunhui in the first semester of grade two and the first semester of grade one respectively. Gu Shiwen was repeatedly put into his underwear to touch the pudendum by Zhang Qunhui during lunch break, while Wang Yun was repeatedly reached into his underwear to touch his buttocks.

What is frightening is that Zhang Qunhui has no scruples when carrying out obscenity, and there are many minors on the edge. Gu Shiwen has seen Zhang Qunhui touch Ye Qian and Wang Yuns urinating place, while Wang Yun has seen Zhang Qunhui reach into Gu Shiwens pants for many times.

In the court trial, the prosecution accused Zhang Qunhui of molesting primary school girls Ye Qian, Gu Shiwen and Wang Yun in the lunch break room or living room during the lunch period when Zhang Qunhui, the defendant, carried out the business of afternoon care in his residence, and used the opportunity to contact students. Among them, ye Qian has been indecent for more than ten times by reaching into his underwear and touching the pudenda, Gu Shiwen has been indecent for three times, and Wang Yun has been indecent for four times by reaching into his underwear and touching his buttocks.

The prosecution believes that the defendant Zhang Qunhui, in order to seek sexual stimulation, repeatedly molested several children under the age of 12, and some of the indecent acts were carried out in public in public places, and the circumstances were bad, so he should be investigated for criminal responsibility for the crime of child molestation.

Zhang Qunhui argues that he molested Ye Qian only once, and no other children were present. Zhang Qunhui denied that he molested Gu Shiwen and Wang Yun.

Zhang Huihui once confessed when being interrogated by the public security organs that touching Ye Qians genitals is a kind of curiosity of his own, which makes him feel very happy.

The court shall impose heavier punishment according to law

Qidong court found that during the period from September 2017 to December 2019, The defendant Zhang Qunhui, in the lunch day care class operated by him, used the noon students lunch time to molest the victims Ye Qian (female, born in January 2012), Wang Yun (female, born in March 2011) and Gu Shiwen (female, born in July 2011) for several times in the living room, bed and other places, and was found by some students.

Qidong court held that the statement of the victim, the testimony of the witness who did not appear in court, the inspection record of the public security organ and the investigation record of the scene of the case can mutually confirm each other, which is enough to prove the fact that the defendant Zhang Qunhui molested Ye Qian, Wang Yun and Gu Shiwen in the living room and room many times during the lunch time. The place where the defendant Zhang Qunhui molested the victims Ye Qian, Wang Yun and Gu Shiwen was an open day care class. The time for the implementation of the indecent behavior was at noon. Some students still had lunch break, homework and play in the class, and some students had found out that they had committed indecent behavior, which should be regarded as child molestation in public. The defendant Zhang Qunhui molested more than one child in public for many times in a long period of time, which brought the wound that is difficult to heal to the victims young soul and his family. During the investigation of the case and in the court trial, Zhang Qunhui did not confess his main criminal facts. His behavior was bad and his social influence was very bad, so he should be punished severely.

Qidong court held that the defendant Zhang Qunhui molested several children in public by touching childrens genitals and buttocks. His behavior has constituted the crime of child molestation and should be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. The fact that the public prosecution organ accused the defendant Zhang Qunhui of child molestation crime is clear, the evidence is accurate and sufficient, and the charge is established, and the court supports it. In order to protect citizens personal rights from infringement and punish crimes, Qidong court made the above judgment.

(the names of all characters in the article are pseudonyms)

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